Super Mario’s Occupational Hazards: Plumbing, Goombas, and Questionable Mushrooms

Super Mario, the iconic plumber from the Mushroom Kingdom, has been entertaining gamers worldwide for decades. While we’ve all joined him in his adventures, leaping through pipes and stomping on Goombas, have we ever considered the unique set of occupational hazards he faces? In this tongue-in-cheek exploration, we’ll examine the perils of plumbing, the ethical questions surrounding Goomba-stomping, and the mysteries of question blocks and power-ups.


The Perils of Plumbing

Super Mario, despite his heroic status, is first and foremost a plumber. While we admire his dedication to fixing pipes and maintaining sanitation in the Mushroom Kingdom, we can’t ignore the potential risks of his profession. Navigating narrow pipes, dealing with sewage, and encountering unexpected creatures in the plumbing system are all part of a day’s work for Mario. Imagine the OHS (Occupational Hazard and Safety) assessment for a job like that!

Perhaps Super Mario should be wearing more protective gear – a hard hat and some sturdy boots would be a good start. After all, who knows what might be lurking in those pipes?


Stomping on Goombas: A Questionable Practice

One of Mario’s signature moves is the ability to jump on Goombas and other adversaries. While it may seem harmless in the context of a video game, let’s consider the real-world implications. Is it ethical to stomp on creatures’ heads, even if they’re out to get you?

Furthermore, the repeated act of jumping on Goombas could have adverse effects on Mario’s musculoskeletal health. It’s not easy to perform those high jumps repeatedly, and over time, it might take a toll on his back and knees. Perhaps Mario should consult with a physiotherapist in between rescuing Princess Peach.


The Mystery of Question Blocks and Power-Ups

In the Mushroom Kingdom, it’s common practice to break open question blocks and consume various mushrooms and power-ups. However, have we ever considered the safety of such actions? Mario often ingests items without knowing their effects – a risky practice in any world.

In the real world, we’re accustomed to proper labeling and risk assessment for consumable items. The Mushroom Kingdom could certainly benefit from some health and safety regulations in this regard. After all, who knows what those mushrooms and flowers might do to poor Mario in the long run?


The Role of Occupational Health and Safety

While Super Mario’s adventures are purely fictional, they serve as a humorous reminder of the importance of occupational health and safety in the real world. Whether you’re a plumber, an office worker, or a healthcare professional, every job comes with its own set of risks. Hazard identification, risk assessment, and safety training are vital in ensuring a safe working environment.

In Mario’s case, a health and safety inspector might have a field day assessing his workplace. But in our world, we can learn from his escapades to prioritize safety and well-being in our professions.



In conclusion (pun intended), Super Mario’s occupational hazards may be comical in the context of a video game, but they shed light on real-world workplace safety concerns. As we continue to enjoy Mario’s adventures, let’s also appreciate the importance of safety in our own lives. After all, we don’t want to end up with a sore back from stomping on Goombas or suffer the consequences of consuming mysterious mushrooms!

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By Josh McNicholas
By Josh McNicholas

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