The easiest way to manage all of your Health & Safety on any device with budget smart EHS software.

Create, share and manage RAMS, Audits, Risk Assessment, COSHH and much more in one EHS software from anywhere on any device. 

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The Problem

You are struggling with fragmented health and safety management

Wasted Time

Hours lost in navigating through fragmented processes.

Disconnected Systems

The struggle of keeping track across multiple, disjointed platforms.

Too much paperwork

The overwhelm from piles of paperwork, slowing down operations.

One easy to use cloud based Health and Safety management solution

Seamlessly consolidate safety data, streamline processes, and simplify document creation, empowering H&S managers to accomplish more in less time.

By unifying safety management under one roof, Evalu-8 EHS not only eliminates the hassle of managing scattered records and outdated systems but also enhances collaboration, compliance, and decision-making.

What you can do with Evalu-8 EHS management software

Use cases and industries that choose our software

Manage and monitor quality, safety and standards across your business operations:

✅ Safety control 

✅ Compliance 

✅ Quality and standards

✅ Audits

✅ Document management 

✅ And much more

Food Production







Health Care


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Why choose Evalu-8 EHS?

Our EHS software is designed by seasoned EHSQ professionals. Our software is designed to safeguarding lives, mitigate risk, improve communication and reduce time spent managing Health & Safety.

Total EHS Management 

Manage every aspect of your Health and Safety under one roof.

Work on any device 

In the office, on-site or in the warehouse, you can access Evalu-8 EHS from anywhere.

Keep everyone in the know

Evalu-8 EHS allows your whole team to access the information they need when they need it.

Auto Document management 

Stop spending hour managing Word and Excel documents. Evalu-8 EHS does it all for you.

The most comprehensive EHS management software

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Our most popular health and safety features

Create & Manage RAMS 15x faster

Create professional RAMS in minutes with our customisable creation tool, featuring easy-to-follow steps and a guide to ensure you have all the information you need in a few clicks. 

Produce Risk Assessments unique To your Business

Create risk assessments the way you need them to be. Keep everyone safe, reduce risk and follow up with mitigation tasks. 

Create, Standardise, Share And Manage COSHH Documents

Simplify chemical safety, quickly document, edit COSHH assessments and easily share them digitally, in print, or with a QR code for access wherever and whenever needed. 

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How one of Europes leading manufacturer and supplier of ventilation and air conditioning equipment transformed Health & Safety Management with Evalu-8 EHS.

Daikin UK, a leading ventilation and air conditioning manufacturer, was hampered by outdated H&S software, leading to operational bottlenecks and compliance risks. By switching to Evalu-8 EHS, they catapulted their H&S management into a new era of efficiency and compliance. The seamless onboarding and comprehensive training ensured a smooth transition, empowering staff and enhancing safety standards. The results? Streamlined processes, eliminated bottlenecks, and a robust, future-proof H&S system, marking a significant stride in their operational success.

80% less time spent on management

Increased confidence and compliance

All Health & Safety centralised

What our customers say

It has streamlined our H&S operations, we get so much more done in a fraction of the time 

John D


It allows our whole facility team to access our H&S no matter where they are.

ila H

Nebula Innovations

Managing COSHH has become so much easier since we moved to Evalu-8 EHS

Sienna M

Quantum Solutions

We have reduced admin time by 90%

Maxton G

Vertex Dynamics

It has brought all of our health and safety under one roof and made it easy for me to see all the data

Simon K

Themo Tech

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“It has brought all of our health and safety under one roof and made it easy for me to see all the data”

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