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Ditch time-consuming document creation, scattered safety records, and multiple systems for one platform that accelerates your H&S managment.

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Centralised safety management for rocket-fueled environment, health and safety productivity.

Seamlessly consolidate safety data, streamline processes, and simplify document creation, empowering H&S managers to accomplish more in less time.
By unifying safety management under one roof, Evalu-8 EHS not only eliminates the hassle of managing scattered records and outdated systems but also enhances collaboration, compliance, and decision-making.

Create RAMS documents in minutes

Build, store and share RAMS documents quickly. Spending hours on Spreadsheets isn’t how it should be done. 

Create professional RAMS in minutes with our customisable creation tool, featuring easy-to-follow steps and a guide to ensure you have all the information you need in a few clicks. 

Risk assessments in four steps

Create risk assessments for everything and anything. Keep everyone safe and reduce risk.

Streamline your RAMS process with Evalu-8 EHS. Create professional RAMS documents in minutes with our customisable templates and easy-to-follow steps. No more hours lost and project delays, our tool makes building RAMS a breeze. Store and share your RAMS easily with our centralised location, accessible through viewing, printing or QR code.

COSHH assessments made easy

Chemical safety has never been easier, quickly document and edit chemicals with COSHH assessment software.

Simplify chemical safety with Evalu-8 EHS. Quickly document and edit COSHH assessments and easily share them digitally, in print, or with a QR code for access wherever and whenever needed. Store all assessments in one central location for seamless and secure management of chemical safety.

Case Study: Daikin UK's H&S Transformation with Evalu-8 EHS

Challenge: Daikin UK was relying on outdated, slow, and clunky software to manage their health and safety (H&S) operations. The software was nearing discontinuation and frequently caused bottlenecks in the business. Operatives struggled to efficiently ensure, monitor, and enforce H&S standards, leading to inefficiencies and potential compliance risks.

Solution: Daikin UK made the strategic decision to adopt Evalu-8 EHS, an innovative and advanced H&S management platform. From the outset, they experienced a significant increase in efficiency as the new software far surpassed their previous system in terms of capabilities and user experience. The transition to Evalu-8 EHS positively impacted every aspect of Daikin UK’s operations.

Onboarding and Training: The onboarding process with Evalu-8 EHS was seamless. The Evalu-8 team provided comprehensive training and support, ensuring that Daikin UK’s staff quickly adapted to the new system and maximized its potential.

Results: Since implementing Evalu-8 EHS, Daikin UK has successfully transformed their H&S management. The advanced features and user-friendly interface of Evalu-8 EHS have streamlined processes, eliminated bottlenecks, and facilitated better monitoring and enforcement of H&S standards. Daikin UK’s investment in Evalu-8 EHS has resulted in a more efficient, compliant, and future-proof H&S management system, contributing to the company’s overall success.


More than 1000 H&S professionals use Evalu-8


“It has streamlined our H&S operations, we get so much more done in a fraction of the time “

– Simon M, EHS Manager


“It has brought all of our health and safety under one roof and made it easy for me to see all the data”

– Peter S, Director


“The time and costs savings are amazing, I love the COSHH builder”

– Leah K, Head of People & Saftey

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“It has brought all of our health and safety under one roof and made it easy for me to see all the data”

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