Incident, accident and near miss reporting software

Make it easy for anyone to report an accident or near miss

Easily create reporting workflows so that you can capture the information that is relevant to the incident and the right team is alerted.

near miss reporting-software

Easy incident reporting for your business and the general public

Enable quick and efficient incident reporting for both your staff and the general public, ensuring timely investigation and enhanced safety management.

Everything needed to quickly report, investigate and prevent accidents

Report accidents from any device

Report an Incident on any device

Empower your team or visitors to report accidents immediately from any device, ensuring prompt action and accurate data collection.

Easily record and track internal investigations

Document and monitor internal investigations to ensure thoroughness and accountability. Streamline your investigative process.

Filter case types

Filter reports

Quickly find relevant information by filtering reports to focus on specific criteria or trends. 

Lock a case 

Securely lock a case to prevent unauthorised changes, ensuring the integrity and accuracy of your investigation records.

Attach notes and document to a case

Attach noted and files

Easily attach notes and files to each case for comprehensive and organised documentation. 

Permission based access

Ensure data security and confidentiality with permission-based access, allowing only authorised personnel to view and edit sensitive information.

A clear auditable history

Maintain transparency and accountability with a clear auditable history that tracks all actions and changes made to each report or investigation.

Make reporting and investigating any incident, accident or near miss easy

Streamline the entire process to ensure quick, accurate reporting and thorough investigations, enhancing workplace safety and preventing future incidents.

Slips, trips, and falls

Machinery accidents

Electrical incidents

Chemical spills

Fire incidents

Vehicle accidents

Struck-by or caught-in incidents

Repetitive strain injuries

Exposure to hazardous substances

Cuts and lacerations

Falling objects

Burns and scalds

Confined space incidents

Manual handling injuries

Close calls without injury

General public can report

Scan QR code to report

Report from any device

Open, investigate and close cases

From report to investigation and conclusion, you can do it all in Evalu-8 EHS

Effortlessly manage the entire process from reporting to conclusion, all within one platform, making it simpler and more efficient than ever with Evalu-8 EHS.

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Why Evalu-8 EHS accident and incident software

Accident and incident software you will love

Easily report, track, and investigate incidents from any device, ensuring quick responses and accurate records. Enjoy features like secure access, clear audit trails, and easy file attachments to enhance workplace safety.

Quick Reporting

Accurate Tracking

Secure Access

Comprehensive Documentation,

The easy way to report, track and manage accidents and incidents

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Incident and near miss software FAQs

How does the software help in reporting incidents and near misses?

Our software provides a user-friendly interface that allows for quick and easy reporting of incidents and near misses from any device. It streamlines the data collection process, ensuring that all necessary details are captured accurately and promptly.

Can the software generate reports and analytics on incidents and near misses?

Yes, our software offers robust reporting and analytics features. You can generate detailed reports and analyze trends to identify areas for improvement, helping you to proactively manage and mitigate risks in your workplace.

Is it possible to customize the incident reporting forms to fit our specific needs?

Absolutely. Our software allows you to customize incident reporting forms to meet the unique requirements of your organization, ensuring that you capture all relevant information specific to your industry and safety protocols.

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