Time-Saving, Scalable, and Comprehensive Software for HR & EHS Teams of Any Size

Escape disorganised data, endless spreadsheets, and broken systems – Take total control of your HR or EHS management today.

One software to replace it all.

It’s what you need, it’s what we do.

As our business was growing quickly in employee numbers we needed to centralise all of our employee information and be able to create reports quickly. Evalu8 has exceeded our expectations and continues to do so!

Whatever your role we have got you covered

Whether you’re an HR manager streamlining team operations or an EHS professional ensuring workplace safety, our software adapts to your unique needs. 

We built Evalu-8 for those that want to..

Escape scattered data

No more hunting through files or digging through spreadsheets. With Evalu-8, say goodbye to the stress and inefficiency of scattered data forever.

Simplify everyday tasks

A day without juggling software or spreadsheets. With Evalu-8 it’s your new efficient workflow.

Choose software that can do what they need

End your struggle with rigid software that fails to meet your unique needs. Embrace a solution that flexes to fit your specific requirements, every single time.

Save time

Reclaim your hours, your minutes, and your peace of mind. With Evalu-8, time is back on your side.

Pay one price and move away from modular

Fed up with expensive add-ons and hidden costs? With Evalu-8, enjoy one price for a full-featured solution, Put an end to overpaying for features.

Powerful features, combined to create unbeatable software

It’s the core of what we belive

Navigating the complexities of HR and EHS tasks can feel overwhelming. Deadlines, data management, safety protocols – these challenges demand a tool that’s more than just functional.

With a suite of powerful features, tailored to your unique needs, your workday becomes smoother, your tasks simpler, and your impact greater.

Experience an intuitive interface that feels custom-made for you, each feature a unique strength, all working harmoniously to transform your everyday. This is more than just a software—it’s your ally in conquering the daily grind

Built by HR and HSE experts, for HR and HSE professionals

Real people who actually use the software.

In the world of HR and HSE, you don’t just need a software, you need a trusted partner. That’s why at Evalu-8, we’ve combined the insights of seasoned HR and HSE professionals with cutting-edge technology to create a tool that truly understands your world.

We’ve felt the stress of managing complex tasks, the frustration of clunky interfaces, and the desire for a more streamlined process.

And that’s exactly why we built Evalu-8. A software that respects your expertise, mirrors your dedication, and truly serves your needs. Because you’re not just managing tasks, you’re shaping workplaces, safeguarding teams, and influencing lives.

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You're in great company

Security and privacy is at the heart of our software​

GDPR Compliant

We follow all GDPR policies and practices to ensure your data is safe.

ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is an international standard to manage information security in which we are certified and a standard we rigorously uphold.

Your Data Your Control

You have total control of your data, you can restrict what employees can see and you are also able to delete data from the system.

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