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Spend less time on paperwork and more time on your people;

Your people are the lifeblood of your business but there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day for all the HR tasks, let alone the big plan you have. 


A spreadsheet just doesn’t cut it and you need a software solution that gives you what you want when you need it. You need software that will give you the insights you need to craft a people-first strategy, make time-consuming tasks a thing of the past and doesn’t have hidden fees or a bolt-on.

You want HR software that gives you all the tools for one simple price. 

Leave and Absence management

See how many days/hours of leave you have remaining and then request time off. Let managers approve it and more.

Training & performance management

Objectively monitor quantitative and qualitative performance. Complete appraisals. Set targets, KPIs, goals, and more.

Auto-calculated entitlement

Let Evalu-8 automatically calculate how much entitlement time employees have based on working patterns.

Generate & send contracts

Generate letters, documents or contracts using the generation tool and distribute them to the relevant employee(s) within seconds.

Recruitment & on-boarding

Design a recruitment and on-boarding process, create a job advert, include qualifying questions, publish and more.

Comprehensive reports & workflows

Centralise and digitalise all aspects of your case management. Keep notes, store documents and other information associated with the case in one place.

Complete environmental health and safety (EHS) management in minutes not weeks

Spend less time on paperwork and more time on getting the job done;

Health and safety is vital, it keeps everyone safe but do you find yourself spending more time completing paperwork than you do on the actual job? 

RAMS documents, COSHH assessments, safety audits and everything else that comes with it are important but you should be able to get them done quickly. A RAMS document should not take you weeks to create. That’s crazy!

You need health and safety software that lets you complete tasks in minutes, gives you all the tools you need and is one simple monthly price.

Create RAMS in minutes not weeks

Simply click and drag the elements you need to include in your RAMS document and build it in minutes.

Safety audits & risk assessments

Ensure compliance by using the various checklist templates for risk audits and assessments. Effortlessly create and customise your own.

Log, track and manage equipment

Store information pertaining to your equipment, perform equipment checks, and assign assets that belong to the company or to an employee.

Build COSHH assessments

Create COSHH assessments by following a few simple steps and produce a comprehensive PDF at the end.

Log accidents, incidents and more

Manage accidents, incidents, near misses, and non-conformances. Employees can report a new case and much more.

Training management, tasks & actions

Electronic training records make storing and finding information easy.  Never miss an expiry date with alerts.  Effortlessly identify training needs and more.

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