Easily Know Where Equipment Is And What Conditions it's in

Know where your equipment is and what condition it’s in with Evalu-8 EHS’s easy to use equipment management system. Designed to keep your business running smoothly and maintain checks and repairs.

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It is a great EHS management tool and single source of truth. It has helped us tremendously.

Franchesca - EHS Officer

Evalu-8 is a great benefit to the company, especially in accordance with Health & Safety and Training. 

Lee - Health & Safety and Training Officer

Amazing software at a great price, Evalu-8 EHS has allowed us to streamline EHS and I know we stay complaint.

Sam - Opperations Manager

Get a Complete View of Your Equipment's Status, who has it, when it was last checked, and much more.

The Equipment Management module of Evalu-8 EHS provides a complete view of your equipment’s status, allowing you to keep track of who has it, when it was last checked, and much more. With inventory management, and maintenance reminders, you can streamline your operations, reduce downtime, and maximize your ROI.

Our powerful software provides you with the tools you need to stay organized and on top of your equipment, ensuring that it is always in the right place at the right time.

Centralise all equipment information

Eliminate the need for spreadsheets or paper-based records. This not only saves time, but it also reduces the likelihood of human error, which can lead to costly mistakes.

With Evalu-8 EHS, you can access up-to-date information about your equipment in real-time. This allows you to track usage, monitor maintenance needs, and identify potential issues before they become major problems.

You can ensure that you are meeting all relevant regulations, standards and proof of maintenance. 

Standardise checks and improve accountability.

Standardizing equipment checks ensures that each check is performed in the same way every time, which helps to improve consistency and accuracy.

Increase accountability by clearly defining who is responsible for performing the checks and what actions should be taken if an issue is identified. This can help to promote a culture of safety and ensure that everyone is doing their part to keep equipment in good working order.

Keep detailed information on each piece of equipment

Maximizing the potential of your equipment is vital to the success of your business, and Evalu-8 EHS can help you achieve this by keeping detailed information on each piece of equipment easily accessible.

Easily view equipment check history

Upload files, images and videos 

Add notes

Make Equipment Managment a priorty

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Equipment Managment Resources

Access essential equipment management resources for a safer, more organised workplace.

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Equipment management FAQs

What is equipment management?

Equipment management involves tracking and maintaining all equipment within an organization to ensure that it is in good working order and being used efficiently. This can involve tasks such as tracking equipment usage, scheduling maintenance and repairs, and monitoring equipment performance over time.

Why is equipment management important?

Effective equipment management is important for several reasons. It helps to ensure that equipment is being used safely and efficiently, which can reduce the risk of accidents and downtime. It also helps to extend the lifespan of equipment, which can save businesses money over time. Finally, equipment management is often required by regulations and standards, so failing to manage equipment properly can result in fines and penalties.

What are the benefits of using equipment management software

Equipment management software can bring several benefits to businesses. It can help to streamline operations, reduce downtime, and improve productivity by providing real-time data on equipment usage, maintenance needs, and performance. It can also help to reduce costs by preventing equipment failures and extending the lifespan of equipment. Finally, equipment management software can help businesses to meet regulatory requirements by providing detailed records of equipment usage and maintenance.

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