About us

Frustrated with clunky old HR systems that were overpriced, underdeveloped, lacking in features, adequate support or flexibility we decided to create our own.

Evalu-8 Software is a new, innovative, and disruptive cloud software as a service (SaaS). Evalu-8 software is a comprehensive, easy to use and affordable employee management system. It offers a variety of features that will save busy managers from any type of organisation, time, effort and money, whilst adding a layer of security to their place of work.

Evalu-8 Software was designed by human resources, health and safety and training experts who grew frustrated by the limitations, costs and lack of usability on offer from existing software. We wanted to produce a system that is comprehensive, easy to use and affordable. We wanted a team who would have a can do and will do attitude to client requests and provide a product and service that can be unmatched. If you have frustrations with other software, or indeed, no software – our expert team have experienced these frustrations too. We are willing to make adjustments to the software to meet your needs on an ongoing basis.

Our HR software pricing structure is simple, we charge per live employee license and for that fee you will have access to ALL our features. We do not charge a separate fee for set up or training or ongoing support.

Our health and safety software pricing has also been kept simple. One monthly fee covers everything, no set up or storage fees apply. 

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