Modern and affordable EHS Software For One person, a small team or a whole company

No hidden costs

Access to everything

Unlimited training

No long term contract

EHS Software


Per Month

Includes 10 users –  £1.25 per user or contractor per month

+ A one time set-up fee 

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What’s Included


COSHH Assessments

Accident & Incident Management 

Safety Audits

Training Management 

Equipment Management & Checks

Risk Assessments

Contractor Management

Task & Project Management

Document Management

Live Data & Reports

Employee Records

Mobile App

You’re in good company

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We know the industry seems to favour modular pricing but this means you are shown low price and by the time you have added on the modules you want, the price is three or four times as high as the original. 

Instead we have opted for a simple, budget-smart price per active user. This means you know exactly what you are paying and it’s up to you if you want to turn features on or off.

There are no tricks here, just honest pricing for unbeatable software, designed by industry professionals.

There is no contract. You read that right. We believe you should stay with Evalu-8 because our software is good enough, not because you are trapped in a contract. 

More often than not other suppliers in our industry make you sign a 2, 3 or 5 year contract that is filled with sneaky renewal clauses. You have to wonder why you would need to sign such a long term contract if the software is as good as they say?

All we ask is you give us 3 months notice should you wish to leave.

Unlike other companies we do not charge for storage. Our clever team have created Evalu-8 to load and store data in such a way that we do not need to charge extra. 

We also believe that training should come as standard with any software, as such we don’t charge additional monthly fees for it, it’s all covered in the one time set-up fee and you are entitled to as much training as you like with one of our experts.

Yes, we have an open API. This means our software can talk to any other software that also has an API.

User(s)” means the Client’s employees, representatives or consultants etc who have been added to the service and / or are authorised to use the Service and / or have been supplied user identifications (with or without a password), either by the Client; and this applies whether they log in to the system or not.

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Before we show you the quick demo, we need to make sure you are a real person. 

“It has brought all of our health and safety under one roof and made it easy for me to see all the data”

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