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Experience seamless RAMS documentation with Evalu-8 EHS’s streamlined approach to risk management. Save time, gain real-time insights, and effortlessly produce shareable custom documents.

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Rapidly develop RAMS documents with integrated COSHH assessments for instant reports

With the RAMS (Risk Assessment and Method Statement) software in Evalu-8 EHS the all-in-one Health and Safety software, you can take your safety management to the next level. Create customized RAMS documents in minutes, save significant time and effort, and stay compliant with regulations. Manage your RAMS documents faster, smarter, and safer, improving overall safety culture and promoting a more efficient workplace.

Generate a full risk assessment and method statement document in minutes.

With the pre-built templates and automated workflows, you can quickly and easily create customized RAMS documents that are tailored to the specific requirements of their project. 

This saves significant time and effort, as RAMS documents that would previously take days to create can now be generated in a matter of minutes.

Keep everyone in the know with 4 different ways to share your RAMS

Elevate safety management with Evalu-8 EHS’s RAMS module offering versatile report-sharing options. Effortlessly communicate critical safety information across your organization through email, printed copies, in-software access, or QR codes.-  Stay informed and connected.

Easily manage all your RAMS documents from one dashboard

By having all your RAMS documents centralised in one dashboard, you can streamline your document management process, increase safety and stay compliant.

Pre-loaded library of Hazard symbols

Pre-filed substance information

Easily attach COSHH Assessments

Get RAMS done 15x faster today

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RAMS Resources

Access vital Risk Assessment and Method Statement resources for enhanced safety and effective risk management


What is the purpose of a RAMS document?

A Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS) document serves to identify potential hazards in the workplace, evaluate associated risks, and outline the necessary control measures and procedures to minimize those risks. It ensures that both employees and employers understand their responsibilities in maintaining a safe working environment.

Who is responsible for creating and maintaining RAMS documents?

Employers, managers, or designated health and safety personnel are responsible for creating and maintaining RAMS documents. They must ensure that all employees are informed, trained, and understand the risks and control measures outlined in the RAMS documents.

How often should RAMS documents be reviewed and updated?

RAMS documents should be reviewed and updated regularly, typically at least annually or whenever there are significant changes to the workplace, tasks, equipment, or personnel. Additionally, a review should be conducted if an incident or near-miss occurs, indicating potential gaps in the existing RAMS.

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