Ultimate Time and Attendance Management built in to HR software

Approve hours, manage ROTAs, Clock in & out, generate up to date reports plus much more in minutes all from your HR software.

"Before Evalu-8 HR managing attendance took up so much time, we were drowning in spreadsheets. Now it's so quick and easy!"

Time and Attendance Features you will love

ROTA Scheduling

Easily build ROTAS, track budgets and approve shifts. No matter how complex

Approve Hours

Approve hours and overtime, giving you control and keeping everyone in the know.

Clocking in and out

4 different ways to clock in and out are built directly in to Evalu-8 HR.


Generate detailed reports providing you with all the information you need.

Pre-populated Timesheets

Ensure data is error-free and is ready for processing with automatic population.

Prepare Payroll

Payroll is automatically prepared for you and synced with payroll software

Trusted by industry Leaders

Used by 1000’s of businesses big and small

Time tracking that looks after itself

Say goodbye to outdated punch cards, tedious timesheets, and lengthy hours spent tallying up everyone’s work time. With Evalu-8 HR’s time and attendance module, employees can effortlessly clock in and out directly from the Evalu-8 HR dashboard or via their mobile devices. They can also modify their logged hours and monitor the time dedicated to particular projects or tasks. Managers can swiftly approve timesheets with a simple click, while Evalu-8 HR ensures promptness with automated reminders. Bid adieu to overlooked entries, payroll discrepancies, and operational hiccups.

Clock in and out the way you want

4 platforms and 10 ways to clock in and out


Clock in via dashboard or manually add hours

Moile App

Clock in via App, Scan a QR Code or NFC Tag


Use a unique pin, Unique ID badge or NFC Fobb


Work with one of our partners to install hardware that works seamlessly with Evalu-8 HR.

With Evalu-8 HR, experience enhanced capabilities and admin controls including:


  • Rounding up of hours
  • Prohibiting early clock-ins/outs
  • Designating specific clock-in/out locations for employees
  • Setting up exceptions that need approval
  • Receiving notifications for location-specific clock-ins/outs

Have ever felt time and attendance shouldn't be so hard to track?

So have we, so we made it easy.

“Evalu-8’s time tracking feature has been a life saver for our small department, it has streamlined payroll prep and made our day to day job so much easier.”

Error free ROTAS and Timesheets in seconds

ROTA planning for any working pattern of any team size.

Efficiently streamline your team’s scheduling with our versatile ROTA planning tool, tailored to accommodate any working pattern for teams of all sizes. Say goodbye to scheduling mishaps and hello to flexibility: employees can seamlessly swap shifts and state their availability.

With the ability to create open shifts, crafting the perfect ROTA has never been quicker, allowing you to produce schedules in mere seconds. Plus, with the convenience of viewing shifts directly in our intuitive app, management and staff alike can stay informed and prepared, enhancing productivity and team harmony.

Handel even the most complex of ROTAs

Payroll preparation and reporting

Always up-to-date error free Timesheets

Experience unparalleled clarity in managing your workforce with our always up-to-date, error-free timesheets. At a glance, effortlessly discern who’s off sick or enjoying their holiday, ensuring you’re always in the loop with your team’s status. Navigating overtime becomes a breeze as you efficiently manage and approve extra hours, tying seamlessly into the comprehensive roll call report.

Dive deeper with error-free time tracking, optimised for both precise job costing and accurate billing.Moreover, gain insightful perspectives with our meticulously crafted data and reports, serving as your dependable compass in strategic decision-making.

Why our customers Love Evalu-8 HR

94% Say

 They get more done

Managing attendance is easier 

Scheduling ROTAS is 10x quicker

Everything you need, in one place.

01. One, easy to use system

A single, user-friendly system that handles all your HR needs, including leave management. That’s what our software delivers, freeing up so much of your time. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to streamlined HR processes.

All the features you want, from day one.

02. All the features, unlocked

Full access to every feature you need, right out of the box. That’s what Evalu-8 offers – no hidden costs, no up-charges. All the tools you need to streamline leave management and more, right at your fingertips. Now, that’s what we call empowering HR.

No long-term contracts to sign or extras to pay. 

03. No hidden fees or tricks

Envision a software that respects your needs and your budget, with no hidden fees or sneaky long-term contracts. That’s Evalu-8 for you — clear, straightforward, and committed to improving HR. Finally, an HR software that’s on your side.

Your HR wish list, unlocked.

In the only HR software built by HR professionals.

Recruitment & Onboarding

Performance Management

People Management

Leave & Absence

Training Management

Comprehensive Reporting

Time & Attendance

Document Management

Case Management

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