Build a high performing team and manage training

Never miss mandatory training, spot gaps, track progress and easily conduct appraisals. The most complete performance and training feature included in a HRIS.

"We have used Evalu-8 to spot training issues and improve the way we conduct 1-2-1 feedback"

All the features you need to take your team to the next level

 Set Actionable Goals

Use data to set actionable goals and KPI's that can be tracked.

Customisable Reporting 

Easily generate reports on any and all data in seconds.

Skills Matrix

Use an always up to date skills matrix to track training and spot gaps.

Appraisals & Feedback

Build appraisal and feedback forms unique to your company and log them to employees.

Track Training

Always know how your team is progressing, link to LMS systems or manually log training.

Notifications & Reminders

Ensure mandatory training isn't missed, automatically send reminders and receive notifications.

Put performance front and center

Building a great team isn’t possible without all the information and that can be hard to extract from spreadsheets. 

With Evalu-8 HR you can manage every aspect of training and performance to build the best team possible.

Trusted by industry Leaders

Skills matrix to spot gaps

Understanding where your team stands in terms of skills and proficiencies is paramount. Enter the Skills Matrix report – a tool designed to transform the way you manage and develop your team’s capabilities.

You work hard to build your team, shouldn't your software help with that?

We think so, so we made it do exactly that.

“The training and performance features have totally changed the way we manage employee development, we love it.”

KPI and target setting

Set the bar and watch your team soar! With Evalu-8’s KPI and target setting, you can establish clear benchmarks and goals that motivate and challenge your team. 

Performance vs target reports

Get the full scoop on how your team is stacking up against their targets with Evalu-8’s Performance vs Target reports. Crystal-clear insights mean you can make informed decisions, offer timely support, and celebrate wins like a champ

Set goals and action points

Empower your team with clear targets and actionable steps, steering them towards success with precision.

Create appraisal forms

Craft tailor-made appraisal forms in a snap, capturing the insights you need to foster employee growth.

Dashboard information

With vital insights at a glance, as the dashboard keeps you informed and primed for action.

Performance improvement plans

Elevate performance levels with structured improvement plans that engage and empower your team.

Why our customers Love Evalu-8 HRIS

94% Say

 They get more done

Managing HR is easier 

HR is more impactful in the company

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