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Manage every aspect of HR, payroll and time & attendance in one cloud-based software from any device.

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Mobile App

Manage the entire employee lifecycle and link to payroll software in minutes 

You can finally have one HR system with a built-in time and attendance function that works, gives employees control, provides management the data and makes your life easier with workflows and automation.


  • Connect with any payroll provider
  • Access the software on any device 
  • Set permission-based access

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Why 1500+ companies trust Evalu-8 HR above anyone else

Cloud & mobile ready

Access our software on any device and a great mobile app.

IT Secure & reliable

We are ISO 27001 and vetted by the UK government. 

Comprehensive & Customiseable 

You have the power to customise Evalu-8 HR to ensure it works how you need it to.

Unlimited support & training

We don’t charge extra or limit how much support or training you have.

Easy to integrate

Connect to any software with our open API

Value for money 

Priced competitively and fairly with no hidden features costs 

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Features that make Evalu-8 HR so good

Everything you see comes as standard, no tricks or hidden price.

Leave and absence

Make managing leave and absence a breeze and leave hours of admin behind.

  • Book holidays

    Let employees self-serve and request time off using the desktop or mobile app in just two clicks.

  • Approve time off

    Managers can easily see who has requested time off, and how many days they are entitled to and approve or decline requests with one click.

  • Auto calculate time off

    Gone are the days of using spreadsheets to track time off or employees asking how much time off they have left.

  • Self serve

    Give employees access to the features they need to self-serve and free up hours of time.

  • Calendars

    Ensure everyone knows who is in and what is going on at a company-wide level.

  • Reporting & analytics

    Give managers and senior leaders the data they need to spot trends and make informed decisions.

Recruiting, hiring, and retaining talent

Finding applicants and going through the interview process can be a big task, but, we have made it easy. 

  • A flexible process

    Create a process that works with you from job listing right the way through to hiring and on-boarding.

  • Create a job advert

    Create a job advert in minutes and connect it to any job board or website to ensure maximum talent pool and centralised data.

  • View applicants

    Easily and quickly view all applicants, compare answers to questions and much more.

  • Manage applicants

    Let managers and those conducting interviews make notes against applicants and progress them.

  • Hire or reject

    You have found the perfect candidate and you want to hire them, no problem. Send a personalised letter of acceptance with one click.

  • Send documents

    Easily send documents to applicants or attach files to applicants' profiles during the hiring process.

Time and attendance

Tracking employee hours, attendance and shifts has never been so easy.

  • Clock in & out

    Nine different ways to clock in and out, as well as location-specific capabilities and more.

  • Generate shift rotas

    See who is available, allocate budgets so you don't overspend on labour and complete a rota in 5 minutes.

  • Generate timesheets

    Generate time sheets with the click of a button, distribute them to staff or print off in seconds.

  • Rotating work shifts

    Rotating working patterns can get complicated with lots of staff. Let Evalu-8 automatically work them out for you.

  • Real time data

    See in real time who has clocked in, at what location and much more.

  • Manage alerts

    Never miss an important alert again and manage what you do and do not see.

A hero is only as good as there sidekick

Payroll? we've got that.

Evalu-8 HR will prepare a payroll file that contains all information required to process payroll and then either synchronise with your chosen payroll software via API for processing, or be exported to CSV and uploaded to payroll software.

People, Data & Access

Human resource capital management backed by live data to help you make the right decisions

  • Comprehensive reports

    Generate comprehensive reports full of data that is important to you and your business goals.

  • Store documents

    Store documents against employee accounts, equipment and much more. Have employees E-sign documents, mark as read and more.

  • Create tasks

    Create tasks and actions for yourself or your team and see a summary of what has been completed and what is outstanding.

  • Behaviour patterns

    Evalu-8 can highlight trends in sickness, lateness and much more to help you support those that might need it.

  • Customisable dashboard

    Set your dashboard up so you can see the data you need the most. HR, the way you want it.

  • Centralise Information

    Store all your information in one platform for a seamless experience. No more rummaging through multiple paper files.

Performance and Training

Simple and easy to use so you can quickly train and up-skill your staff. 

  • Complete appraisals

    Complete appraisals with our pre-made templates or create your own. assign notes or documents to the appraisals and more.

  • Set KPIs & action points

    Set, manage and track KPIs unique to employees and see how they progress.

  • Training records

    Keep a log of training records and certificates specific to each employee.

  • Identify development gaps

    Get notified when training is outstanding and easily see what training a team member has previously completed, to assess future development.

  • Flag mandatory training

    Receive alerts when training has expired.

  • Detailed reports

    Evalu-8 provides live data on your whole team's performance and training progress so you know how your department is doing.

Resource booking

Book shared resources using the calendar system

Asset Log

Assign assets that belong to the company, to an employee

Visitor Book

Record, store and report on visitor information

Expenses management

Claim and process expenses with ease. 

Plus Much More

A hero is only as good as there sidekick

Software to help you achieve the HR impossible

Experience a revolution in HR management as you seamlessly navigate the complexities of leave and absence, effortlessly attract, hire, and retain top talent, master the art of precise time and attendance tracking, and gain unparalleled control over data and access. With Evalu-8 HR, you will be the HR hero.

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Data so secure we are trusted by the UK Government

We are one very few HR software suppliers approved for the G-Cloud 13 framework.

We are also ISO 27001 certified, this means we adhere to an extremely high level of data security that goes far beyond GDPR.

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