We believe a good partnership should incorporate trust, respect, support and integrity and must be mutually beneficial to parties who share the same objectives and goals. If you provide outsourced Human Resources, Coaching or Training services we would love to discuss our partnership programme with you.

Here are the reasons why so many businesses choose to partner with Evalu-8, click to expand and read more…

Evalu-8 is a comprehensive employee management tool packed with features that will save your clients time, effort and money, whilst adding a layer of security to their business.

Offering an employee management tool as part of your service can make the difference when putting together a proposal for new business.  Many outsource provision purchasers now expect software to be part of your offering.

Your clients will have no need to look elsewhere as Evalu-8 will meet their individual needs, if it does not, we can develop it so it does.


The partner programme pricing model is simple and is designed so that both parties benefit equally from revenue generated.

We are committed to making Evalu-8 the market leading employee management tool.  We listen to feedback and suggestions and offer “rapid development” of new features.

The relationship with your clients will continue to be yours, we will support you (and your clients) in the background.

Evalu-8 has been developed over numerous years by a team who are experienced: business owners, trainers, HR professionals, assessors and of course, software developers. It is a comprehensive tool that will continue to be developed and you do not need to be experts in software.  We take care of that, allowing you to continue to excel at what you do.

You will find the Evalu-8 team very friendly and very responsive so you will be kept up to date on the progress of any questions, suggestions and development

We will provide your employees with support throughout, from providing sales literature, to demonstrating the system, to setting up new customers and providing ongoing technical support.

Your business is our business. We value our partnerships and are committed to operating collaboratively and with integrity. We will do everything in our power to help your business thrive.

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