It’s a big responsibility to be accountable for the health and safety of your organisation and the employees in it.  Whether you are the company owner or the health and safety manager, technology can lighten your workload.

Risk assessments

Staff returning to work?  Then you will probably already have conducted a new risk assessment.  If you have amended your policy, ensure you distribute your new policy to your staff and that they read it.

Should you conduct more frequent risk assessments given the current climate?

Conducting a risk assessment for staff still working from home?  Do you need to create / amend your policy here also and communicate this to your staff?

If you need to create new / amend policy documents and reissue them to your employees; be prepared to listen to their feedback and tweak your policy further.

How can technology help?

Think about how you can harness technology to store, share, track and sign new policy documentation.  Technology can enable you to share documents without physical paperwork, contributing towards your environmental policy and helping you create a safer working environment for your staff when it comes to minimising the spread of Covid-19

Do you utilise technology to conduct your risk assessments, one that will create a report that is NEBOSH and IOSH compliant?

Use technology to log accident / incident /near misses.

Employ technology to perform training gaps analysis highlighted as a result of the previous point.  Record the training you have provided to your staff to ensure that any holes in knowledge are filled.

Use technology to test your staff’s knowledge after they have received training.

Does this technology link in with your HR software?  Can it be used to prompt your staff when training is up for renewal?  Can it be used for performance appraisal?  Please click here to see how Evalu-8 Software can assist with performance management and read our blog about managing performance of remote workers.

Store online lists of your fire-marshals, first aiders and mental health first aiders, so that your employees know who to contact at the click of a button, again minimising the use of paper.

Harness technology to conduct your basic housekeeping checks.

You can then utilise technology to build a report on your findings for presentation to others (for instance in a board pack).

Do you have a mental health policy?  If not, consider introducing one and ensure you distribute this to your staff as above.

Let the software do the work for you

We are glad to say that Evalu-8 Software can assist with the points mentioned and can be your one-stop software for your health and safety requirements.  Plus, it is also an HR system.  Please click here for further information or here to request a demonstration.

Keep healthy and safe, best wishes, the Evalu-8 team