An appraisal process is a powerful business tool

We are all busy working hard, striving to make our businesses more successful; but here’s why it is beneficial to make time to appraise your employees’ performance.  Having a formal appraisal process:

Helps improve your company image.

Allows you to clarify your employee’s role and your expectations of them, ensuring they are aligned with your business objectives and they understand what they contribute to your organisation.

Provides an objective and consistent record of your employee’s performance over time.

Fairly, measures the success of your employees’ performance against each other objectively and consistently.

Highlights employee’s strengths and weaknesses in an objective format.  Weaknesses once identified can be coached and trained to help your employees perform better.

Objectively identifies weaker staff who are unable to improve their performance even with training.

Is a way to ensure that all your employees are pulling in the same direction and all working at their best for your organisation.

Allows you to reassess targets, making sure they are realistic and achievable (for instance, if your business has changed due to Covid you may need to increase or decrease a target or KPI).   You are also providing a structured process for your employee to raise concerns about their role and your expectations of them.

Enables you to identify and nurture your high performers.  An appraisal is a time where you can help them plan their career path with your organisation and advise them on how to achieve promotion, so that you retain their skills.

Provides a formal route to reward success.

Motivates employees to work even harder by making them feel valued.  An appraisal is a good opportunity to genuinely praise your employees for their hard work and successes, which can really boost their confidence and performance.

Enhances communication between you and your staff.  You are setting aside a time for a 1:1 with your staff where you can focus on what they have to say.  This is important for all employees but can especially be beneficial for remote workers.

Helps build relationships with your employees.

Boosts employee engagement and sense of involvement.  Who knows what previously unknown skills, talent and desire for progression you could unleash and nurture as a result, strengthening your succession planning process?

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