Performance Features

Save time

Update the system and furnish stakeholders with information they can access in real time, from anywhere.

Reduce effort

Employees can see progress against targets, commission earned and goals in the dashboard widgets and reports.

Save money

The reduction in manual processes will save managers and employees hours , providing efficiency gains.

Add security

Commissions and bonus payments can be calculated automatically, eliminating human error.

We will make managing employee performance easy

Check out some of the features below to see how Evalu-8 can help you to improve employee performance

“Evaluations” within Evalu-8 are versatile, they can be checklists, competency frameworks, appraisals, engagement surveys, audit forms or compliance documents. Choose to create a tick box framework or rating and weighting framework or have a combination of both. Add notes, photographs, documents, comments, strengths and weakness and action points.

When an evaluation form has been completed it translates to a report that identifies areas of strength and weaknesses using an easy to interpret and highly visible traffic light-based system. Objectively identify the areas most in need of coaching, mentoring or training and watch the employee turn into a high performing individual, as you deliver what is needed and relevant to help them succeed.

Set employee or team targets and KPIs for anything you require. Choose whether the target is daily, weekly or monthly. Enter a set value or make it a cumulative target. Keep all stakeholders up to date easily, by viewing performance against targets in graphs and charts.


Save hours and hours by associating a commission structure to a target and letting the software calculate it automatically and in real time. All reports and dashboard widgets will be instantly updated ensuring all stakeholders can keep up to date with performance.

Effortlessly determine whether employees are on target

Employees can see performance against targets and commission earned in real time

Record qualitative and quantitative information how you want to

Monitor progress against agreed goals and action points

Plus much more…

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