A full applicant tracking and recruitment system


From creating the job, to a bespoke application process and offering the perfect candidate the job. You can do it all in Evalu-8 HR.

"Having such a good recruitment feature built in to the software makes the on-boarding so much easier "

ATS Features to make finding and hiring talent a breeze

Job post integrations

Integrate your job listing with the most popular job boards.

Allow document uploads

Allow candidates to upload anything from word documents, PDFs to Jpegs

Customisable job application

Create an application that is bespoke to the role and your company.

Manage candidates

Move candidates along the recruitment process and to the next stage.

Interviewer feedback

Leave feedback notes on the system so everyone involved is up to date.

Send a job offer

Once you have found the perfect candate you can send a job offer in seconds

See ATS & Recruitment in action

Forget about sifting through stacks of paper and struggling to manage the hiring process.

Find the perfect candidate, send a job offer and make them a full time employee on Evalu-8 HR in a couple of clicks.

Trusted by industry Leaders

Create a job description and bespoke application process in minutes

No longer will you grapple with generic templates or tedious application processes. By crafting a job description and personalised application flow swiftly, you not only save invaluable time but also attract the right talent.

Finding the next member of your team should be exciting, not a headache.

So we streamlined the whole process for you.

“We are always hiring new staff across the company and the recruitment feature makes it so easy, keeping it all under one roof is great. “

Easily Manage applicants

Share the job posting across sites

Why our customers Love Evalu-8 HR

The only HR system that gives you all tools you want under one roof without having to upgrade!

Everything you need, in one place.

01. One, easy to use system

A single, user-friendly system that handles all your HR needs, including leave management. That’s what our software delivers, freeing up so much of your time. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to streamlined HR processes.

All the features you want, from day one.

02. All the features, unlocked

Full access to every feature you need, right out of the box. That’s what Evalu-8 offers – no hidden costs, no up-charges. All the tools you need to streamline leave management and more, right at your fingertips. Now, that’s what we call empowering HR.

No long-term contracts to sign or extras to pay. 

03. No hidden fees or tricks

Envision a software that respects your needs and your budget, with no hidden fees or sneaky long-term contracts. That’s Evalu-8 for you — clear, straightforward, and committed to improving HR. Finally, an HR software that’s on your side.

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We are a UK company founded by former HR directors. We have done every job you are trying to do and created the software real HR professionals need to get the job done.

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