The Top 5 HR Software Solutions Attending the CIPD ACE 2023

The anticipation is palpable as we count down to one of the most awaited events in the HR industry: the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition (ACE) 2023. This premier event is a melting pot of innovative ideas, cutting-edge solutions, and networking opportunities that brings together HR professionals, thought leaders, and industry experts from across the globe.

The excitement is building up as attendees eagerly look forward to discovering new tools, trends, and strategies that will shape the future of human resource management. With a myriad of exhibitors ready to showcase their groundbreaking HR software and solutions, CIPD ACE 2023 promises to be an enriching experience filled with insights and inspirations. Let’s delve into the top 5 HR software that are garnering attention and are must-sees at this year’s event.


1. Evalu-8 HR ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

2. HiBob ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

3. E-days ⭐️⭐️⭐️

4. 50 Skills ⭐️⭐️

5. Hello Friday ⭐️

5 Things You Need to Consider When Choosing HR Software

Selecting the right HR software is a critical decision that can streamline your organisation’s human resources operations and contribute significantly to its growth. Here are five aspects you should consider when making your choice:

1. Functionality and Customisation:

Understand the software’s capabilities and whether they align with your organisation’s unique needs. Ensure that the software is customisable, allowing you to tailor features such as dashboards, reporting, and workflows according to your requirements.

2. Ease of Use and User Experience:

The best HR software is user-friendly and intuitive. It should require minimal training, allowing your team to quickly adapt and optimize its use. Pay attention to the interface, navigation ease, and the availability of support resources.

3. Integration and Compatibility:

Evaluate whether the software can integrate seamlessly with other tools and systems your organisation is already using, such as payroll, CRM, or ERP systems. This ensures smooth data flow and can enhance efficiency.


4. Data Security and Compliance:

Data security is paramount. Ensure the HR software adheres to data protection regulations, such as GDPR, and has robust security protocols in place to protect sensitive employee information.


5. Scalability and Price:

Consider whether the software can scale with your organisation as it grows. Assess the pricing model and ensure it provides value for money. It’s important to consider not just the initial costs but also the long-term return on investment.

#1. Evalu-8 HR ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Evalu-8 HR is the HR software that has won the hearts of both HR professionals and employees alike. It’s a comprehensive solution that centralises the management of employee data, performance assessments, and document handling, effectively simplifying processes and conserving valuable time for businesses of all sizes.

Evalu-8 HR’s innovative platform allows organizations to synchronise their goals across various departments, paving a cohesive path for the entire workforce. It empowers you to establish diverse types of objectives, be they quantitative or qualitative, and tailor them to suit both teams and individuals. With Evalu-8, employees are granted real-time insight into their objectives and progress, promoting transparency and motivation. Moreover, the platform facilitates the setting of variable remuneration objectives.

Evalu-8 stands out with its ability to support various performance assessment methodologies, aiding your team in effortlessly achieving their goals and metrics. With its user-friendly interface, robust training, and unwavering support, Evalu-8 HR is not just a software but a reliable partner in your HR management journey.


Comprehensive HR Management: Evalu-8 excels with its wide array of HR management features, providing a one-stop solution for all HR needs. From performance reviews to reporting, it has everything an HR manager could require.


User-Friendly Interface: Evalu-8 receives consistent praise for its intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface. Users find it simple to perform various functions, making it a favoured tool among HR professionals.


✅ Customisation and Flexibility: Evalu-8 stands out with its customisable dashboard and flexible tools, allowing organizations to tailor the software according to their specific requirements and preferences.


Secure and Compliant Data Handling: With Evalu-8, data security is guaranteed. The software ensures GDPR compliance, safeguarding sensitive employee information while maintaining high standards of data management.


Efficient Document Management: The ability of Evalu-8 to handle documents requiring signatures with just a click, especially HR and Health & Safety documents, is a significant time-saver and adds to its efficiency.


Robust Training and Support: Evalu-8 is well-regarded for its accessible and high-quality training, ensuring users can make the most of its features. The continuous support and approachable team further elevate the user experience.


❌ Limited social features:
Although Evalu-8 HR has a social feed and a Kudos feature it is not as well developed as other platforms.

What do people think?

Evalu-8 HR has garnered substantial praise from its user base, who consistently highlight its stellar customer service, ease of use, and efficient features.

Fantastic Customer Experience:
Users appreciate the “exceptional customer experience” provided by Evalu-8 right from the initial enquiry. The set up is described as straightforward and the system as fantastic. Users are especially pleased with the prompt and clear responses to their queries, emphasising the sense of satisfaction in choosing Evalu-8 as their HR software package.

Impressive System and Training:
The “user-friendly” nature of Evalu-8 is a highlight, with its range of features simplifying day-to-day HR functions. Users are starting to make full use of tools like the RAMS builder and have praised the easy access to quality training, which assures them of continuous support.

Superb Product:
After using Evalu-8 for approximately six months, users have noted how the system is a timesaver, especially for managing documents requiring signatures and much more. 

Amazing Platform and Service:
Users have consistently termed Evalu-8 as an “amazing platform” with equally amazing service. The support during the implementation stage is noted to be step-by-step and continuous, making the transition seamless. Users find the team approachable and responsive to feedback for further development of the platform. The company is commended for its focus on customer retention and readily available assistance.

In conclusion, the general consensus among users is that Evalu-8 HR is not just a software, but a reliable partner that understands and effectively addresses the diverse needs of HR management.


✅ £3 per active user  
✅ No long-term contract 
✅ All features included 
✅ Unlimited support & training from a UK team at no extra cost.
Stand Number: A2

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2. HiBob ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



HiBob is an HR software platform designed to facilitate various aspects of people management for modern, dynamic companies. The platform presents features such as an advanced people analytics, an absence management system, and tools designed for employee engagement and benefits. HiBob also offers options for integration with other applications, aiming to centralize HR tasks. With a focus on companies with a large software budget, HiBob provides functionalities intended to cater to HR and managerial needs.


People-Centric Approach: HiBob puts employees at the forefront, offering tools designed to boost engagement and enhance the employee experience.

✅ Comprehensive Analytics:
The platform provides advanced people analytics, allowing companies to derive actionable insights from their data.

✅ Integration Capabilities:
HiBob seamlessly integrates with various applications, helping centralize HR tasks and streamline workflows.

✅ Customizable Benefits Management:
HiBob offers a benefits management feature that can be customized to fit the unique needs of each organization.

Learning Curve: New users may require some time to familiarise themselves with all the features and functionalities of the platform.

❌ Pricing Ambiguity: Some users might find the lack of transparent pricing information a bit challenging although it is often acknowledged that Bob is on the high end of the industry and there are large set up fees.

❌ Based in the USA: Whilst this on it’s own is not a problem it does often cause issues with support hours and companies concerned with data security. 

❌Limited Customisation in Certain Areas: While HiBob offers customisation in benefits management, certain other features may lack the same level of flexibility, potentially limiting its adaptability to specific organisational needs.

What do people think about Hibob?

The reviews for HiBob HR present a mixed bag of experiences, highlighting both challenges and positives encountered by its users.

Challenges with Usability: Some users have expressed difficulties navigating through the settings, particularly concerning the ‘Permission Structure’ and ‘Flows’. One company owner mentioned that the setup process has multiple menus and submenus, making it complex and less intuitive than expected. They also pointed out that the absence of phone support and reliance on email communication has led to delays and increased time spent on resolving issues.

Appreciation for Features: On a positive note, HiBob HR is commended for its ease of use and diverse features by some HR coordinators. Aspects such as a staff directory, salary changes, goal-setting, onboarding, and automated task flows were highlighted as being particularly useful.

Concerns about Customer Service: A contrasting experience was noted in terms of customer service. While the trial process was appreciated, some users felt a drop in support after signing the contract, mentioning delays in getting account access and communication from the HiBob team.

In Summary: The feedback on HiBob HR suggests a spectrum of experiences, with users finding value in its features, while others express a desire for improved usability and customer support.



✅ Unknown
✅ Multi-year contract is common
✅ Modular approach
✅ Support & training may be limited and come at an extra cost.
Stand Number: D28

3. eDays ⭐️⭐️⭐️



e-days is an absence management software that aims to streamline the process of tracking and managing employee leave. The platform offers features such as a central calendar, sickness tracking, and absence reporting. It seeks to provide organizations with the tools necessary to gain insights into employee absence trends and to comply with necessary leave regulations. e-days is designed to be accessible through both web and mobile applications, intending to offer flexibility in usage.



✅ Centralised Calendar: e-days provides a centralised calendar that consolidates all employee leave data, aiming to simplify tracking and planning.


✅ Sickness Tracking: The platform includes a sickness tracking feature that can assist organizations in monitoring and managing employee health-related absences.

✅  Reporting: e-days offers reporting tools intended to provide insights into absence trends, potentially aiding in decision-making.

Limited Features: e-days focuses on absence management and may not offer a comprehensive range of HR management features, potentially necessitating additional software for complete HR solutions.


❌ User Feedback Implementation: The speed and responsiveness in implementing user suggestions and feedback for improvements might be an area of concern for some users.


❌ Notification System: There could be limitations in the notification system, possibly affecting timely communication regarding leave approvals or changes.


❌ Scalability Concerns: Organizations experiencing rapid growth might find that e-days may not scale as effectively to accommodate their evolving needs as they grow beyond absence management. 

What do people think about E-days?

The user experiences with e-days HR reveal a variety of perspectives, ranging from appreciation for its functionalities to suggestions for improvement.

Complexity and Usability Issues: Some users have found e-days to be a complex system with numerous capabilities but also complications. Feedback indicates that the setup process for admin end users can be challenging to understand, and the self-service aspect may not always be user-friendly.

Continual Improvements and Utility: On the other hand, there are users who acknowledge that while the system may have its complexities, it continues to evolve and improve in terms of navigation. Such users have found e-days to meet their needs effectively.

Customer Support and Guidance: Positive remarks have been made about the availability of the e-days team to assist with queries. The presence of useful guides for troubleshooting is also appreciated by users.

Comparative Efficiency: Some users, while noting occasional slowness in the system, appreciate the digital approach e-days offers, recognizing it as an upgrade from traditional paper-based methods.

In Summary: The feedback on e-days paints a picture of a tool that, while having certain complexities and room for improvements in user-friendliness, has its merits in terms of functionality and support.



✅ Unknown
✅ Unknown contract length
✅ Modular approach
✅ Support & training may be limited and come at an extra cost.
Stand Number: C36

4. 50 Skills ⭐️⭐️



50 Skills is a software platform that aims to facilitate the onboarding and offboarding processes within organizations. The platform is designed to integrate with various tools, such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and the Google Suite, with the intent of streamlining communication and task management related to employee transitions. 50 Skills seeks to provide a centralised location for information and processes relevant to onboarding and off-boarding.



✅ Seamless Integration: 50 Skills is designed to integrate effortlessly with popular communication and collaboration tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and the Google Suite, aiming to create a cohesive workflow.

✅ Centralised Onboarding and Off-boarding: The platform focuses on centralising information and tasks associated with employee transitions, which can contribute to a more organised approach to onboarding and off-boarding.

✅ Automated Task Assignment: 50 Skills allows for automatic assignment of tasks related to the onboarding and off-boarding processes, potentially streamlining administrative efforts.

Niche Focus: 50 Skills primarily focuses on onboarding and off-boarding, which may limit its utility for organizations seeking a comprehensive HR management suite.

❌ User Interface Refinement: There may be room for enhancement in the user interface to ensure a more intuitive user experience.

❌ Scalability for Larger Organizations: The platform might face limitations in catering to the specific needs of larger organizations with more complex employee transition processes.

What do people think about 50 Skills?

We could not find any reviews of 50 Skills to draw a fair conclusion.


✅ Starting from $308 per month
✅ Unknown contract length
✅ Modular approach
✅ Support & training may be limited and come at an extra cost.
Stand Number: C36

5. Hello Friday ⭐️



Hello Friday is a platform that seeks to provide solutions related to continuous performance management and employee engagement. The software is designed to offer features such as one-on-one check-ins, feedback mechanisms, and goal tracking. Hello Friday aims to facilitate ongoing communication and performance monitoring within organizations.


✅ Continuous Performance Management: Hello Friday emphasises ongoing performance assessment and feedback, aiming to facilitate consistent engagement between employees and managers.

✅ Goal Tracking: The platform offers features that enable users to set and monitor objectives, potentially aiding in keeping individuals and teams aligned with organisational goals.

✅ Employee Engagement Focus: Hello Friday is designed with a focus on enhancing employee engagement through features like one-on-one check-ins and feedback mechanisms.


❌ Limited Feature Set: Hello Friday primarily focuses on continuous performance management and employee engagement, which might not encompass the broader range of HR functionalities some organizations may require.

❌ User Interface Enhancements: There might be room for refining the user interface to ensure a more intuitive and seamless user experience.

❌ Integration Capabilities: The platform may have limitations when it comes to integrating seamlessly with other software solutions or tools that an organisation might be using.

What do people think about Hello Friday?

We could not find any reviews of Hello Friday to draw a fair conclusion.


✅ Unknown
✅ Unknown contract length
✅ Unknown if it’s modular or everything included
✅ support & training may be limited and come at an extra cost.
Stand Number: H12

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