Struggling to measure your employees’ time and attendance during Covid?

Evalu-8 HR and health and safety software will save you time and effort so you can get on with other things and it will help you keep your staff safe.


Why is measuring time and attendance so important to your business?

Because it provides tangible numbers that can support the decisions you as a business leader need to make.


Need to measure the number of hours available for your workforce?

This could be especially relevant during Covid where your staff may be working reduced hours.

Put together a shift rota in three mouse clicks.  Distribute it to your employees with a fourth.  View the cost of the shift to ensure you operate within budget.  Employees can view their shift on any device, at any time.


Resource booking will keep your staff safe by ensuring social distancing rules are adhered to.

Reduce capacity of the workspace, then invite employees to book a desk or space.  Once capacity is reached, no one else will be able to book.


Track your employees’ location

Create statuses such as “working from home”, or “working at X location” and ask your staff to declare their location every day.  This will prove useful if one of your staff members contracts Covid, because you will easily be able to track who they came into contact with that day.


Touchless clocking in and out will keep your staff safe

Your staff can clock in and out at the touch or click of a button on any device, even remotely, so you can track start and finish times.  Or employees can scan their system generated ID card using a QR code.  One trend we are seeing in remote working staff, is they are working longer hours without enough break times.  You can track and deal with this using our software.  It can also help manage flexible working patterns.


Automatically generate timesheets based on clocking in and out activity

Link these to the payroll report.  Or use the automatically generated payroll report, which can be linked to your payroll software via API or simply exported to CSV to send to your payroll provider.


Absence management reporting

Use our comprehensive leave, sickness, lateness and other absence reports to spot (and respond to) emerging trends.  Objectively manage absence using the Bradford factor scoring system.

Click here to learn more about our time and attendance features, click here to learn about our other suite of features or click here to book a demonstration.


We’re here to help.  Let the software do the hard work for you.  Stay safe, Team Evalu-8

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