Do I really need HR software?

In a nutshell? Yes.

Why is it beneficial to my business?

The biggest asset in your business is your staff and so keeping their information safe, secure and ensuring it is comprehensive should be a priority.

House all your staffing information in one secure location, where access levels are controlled by you, enabling you to be GDPR compliant and adding an extra layer of security to your organisation.

You can use you HR software as an online directory of staff.


HR software can improve your employees’ experience

Streamline your document management system. Upload, distribute and store any kind of document (including videos and audio recordings) securely. Request employees declare they have read and understood or e-sign the documents you share with them, such as contracts and new working policies.

This will help your organisation go paperless, aiding your environmental policy.

Save time, bulk book holidays at Christmas and ensure that you can authorise or decline holiday requests at the click of a button

Use your HR system to clock staff in and out, create a rota and automatically generate timesheets

Use it to monitor leave, sick leave, lateness and create other absence reports.

Set reminders for important events, such as probation end dates, appraisal reminders

Analyse recruitment and staff retention rates

Use your HR Software to set targets and KPIs

Objectively analyse employee performance, highlight areas for improvement and coach your staff to nurture a high performing team

HR software aids better decision making. If all your employee information is in one place, then it saves you scrambling around when you need to make important decisions.

Why is Evalu-8 Software different?

Here at Evalu-8 Software we pride ourselves on being able to offer HR Software that is comprehensive, easy to use and affordable.

We charge £2.50 per live employee license and do not charge a separate fee for set-up, training, or support and for £2.50 per live employee license you will have access to ALL of our features, which includes a comprehensive HR package, health and safety features and project management. We offer support seven days per week 9am – 5pm and respond to all support queries within one hour.

It is our mission to save busy managers, time, effort and money and we strongly believe we will enable your organisation to achieve this. Please click here to see our features or click here to book a demonstration.

Best wishes, team Evalu-8.

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