Time and Attendance software

Track hours, manage schedules, prepare accurate payroll, approve hours and generate up to date reports.

"Before Evalu-8 HR managing attendance took up so much time, we were drowning in spreadsheets. Now it's so quick and easy!"

Time and Attendance Features you will love

Clocking in and out

4 different ways to clock in and out are built directly in to Evalu-8 HR.

Mobile app

Let employees clock in and out directly form the mobile app.

ROTA Scheduling

Easily build ROTAS, track budgets and approve shifts. No matter how complex

Approve Hours

Approve hours before they go live, giving you control and keeping everyone in the know.

Prepare Payroll

Payroll is automatically prepared for you and synced with payroll software


Generate detailed reports providing you with all the information you need.

Time tracking that looks after itself

Forget about sifting through endless emails and spreadsheets.

Our software is like your personal assistant, handling leave requests in a click.

It’s about time you took the reins, don’t you think?

Trusted by industry Leaders

It takes seconds and is so easy

4 ways to clock in and out

With Evalu-8 HR you can choose how your employees clock in and out, including: 

Clocking in on a dashboard 

Via the app (geo-fence or not)
With a pin
QR code

We can also work with hardware partners

Have ever felt time and attendance shouldn't be so hard to track?

So have we, so we made it easy.

“Evalu-8’s time tracking feature has been a life saver for our small department, it has streamlined payroll prep and made our day to day job so much easier.”

Handel even the most complex of ROTAs

Payroll preparation and reporting

Why our customers Love Evalu-8 HR

94% Say

 They get more done

Managing attendance is easier 

Scheduling ROTAS is 10x quicker

Everything you need, in one place.

01. One, easy to use system

A single, user-friendly system that handles all your HR needs, including leave management. That’s what our software delivers, freeing up so much of your time. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to streamlined HR processes.

All the features you want, from day one.

02. All the features, unlocked

Full access to every feature you need, right out of the box. That’s what Evalu-8 offers – no hidden costs, no up-charges. All the tools you need to streamline leave management and more, right at your fingertips. Now, that’s what we call empowering HR.

No long-term contracts to sign or extras to pay. 

03. No hidden fees or tricks

Envision a software that respects your needs and your budget, with no hidden fees or sneaky long-term contracts. That’s Evalu-8 for you — clear, straightforward, and committed to improving HR. Finally, an HR software that’s on your side.

See the quick demo now

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