Transforming HR Management with Evalu-8 for a Rapidly Growing Company

HR Case Study

Birdsall, a building services engineering company incorporating four business, was growing rapidly and faced challenges in managing their growing workforce and streamlining their HR processes. They sought a centralized solution for employee information and reporting, ultimately choosing Evalu-8 as their HR system. After nine months of using the platform, the company experienced significant improvements in HR management, reporting, and employee appraisals.


The company’s HR processes were becoming increasingly complex as their employee numbers grew. They struggled with decentralized employee information, inefficient reporting, and time-consuming appraisal processes. The company needed a comprehensive HR solution to address these challenges and support their ongoing growth.


The company implemented Evalu-8, a powerful HR management platform, to centralize employee information, simplify reporting, and enhance their appraisal process. Evalu-8 provided the following benefits:

  1. Centralized Employee Information: The platform allowed the company to manage all employee information in one place, streamlining HR operations.
  2. Efficient Reporting: Evalu-8’s reporting capabilities enabled the company to generate reports quickly and accurately.
  3. Appraisal Management: The Evaluation section in Evalu-8 revolutionized the company’s appraisal process, saving time and improving efficiency.
  4. Exceptional Training and Support: The training provided by John, Colin, and the Evalu-8 team enabled the company to roll out the software to all 100 staff members within a month.


After nine months of using Evalu-8, the company experienced significant improvements in their HR processes:

  • Rapid Adoption: The company successfully implemented Evalu-8 across its entire workforce of 100 employees within a month, thanks to the comprehensive training and support provided.
  • Enhanced Appraisals: The platform revolutionized the company’s appraisal process, making it more efficient and effective.
  • Time Savings: Evalu-8’s capabilities saved the company time in various HR tasks, allowing them to focus on strategic growth initiatives.
  • User Satisfaction: The company found Evalu-8 to be an intuitive piece of software with responsive and efficient support, praising Fraser’s assistance in directing them to the relevant team members for their queries.


Evalu-8 proved to be a transformative solution for this rapidly growing company, centralizing their employee information and streamlining HR processes. The platform’s comprehensive features and exceptional support enabled the company to manage their expanding workforce effectively, enhancing their appraisal processes and improving overall HR efficiency. The company would not hesitate to recommend Evalu-8 to others seeking an intuitive and efficient HR management solution.

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