How Beacon Fire Protection streamlined EHS and HR Document Management.

HR & EHS Case Study

Beacon Fire Protection is a local, family-owned business that has over 80 years of experience, they struggled with time-consuming and complex document management for their H&S and HR operations. They sought a solution to simplify and automate these processes, ultimately choosing Evalu-8 to improve efficiency and productivity. After six months of using the platform, the company experienced significant time savings and found the RAMS management process to be very user-friendly.


The company’s existing document management system was labour-intensive, inefficient, and prone to errors. Keeping track of document signatures and ensuring that all necessary parties reviewed and signed H&S and HR documents was challenging. Additionally, creating and updating RAMS was a time-consuming process, demanding valuable resources that could be better utilized elsewhere.


The company implemented Evalu-8, an all-in-one EHS management platform, to streamline their document management processes. Evalu-8 provided them with:

  1. Simplified Document Signatures: The platform enabled the company to easily manage documents requiring signatures, allowing them to track who had read and signed essential paperwork.
  2. RAMS Management: Evalu-8’s user-friendly interface made the creation and updating of RAMS quick and efficient, saving the company significant time.
  3. Enhanced Compliance: With Evalu-8’s up-to-date database and automatic updates, the company stayed ahead of ever-changing H&S regulations.
  4. Seamless Integration: Evalu-8 integrated with the company’s existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition and hassle-free data migration.


After six months of using Evalu-8, the company saw substantial improvements in their H&S and HR document management:

  • Time Savings: The company reported significant time savings in managing documents and RAMS, which allowed them to allocate resources more effectively.
  • Improved Compliance: The platform ensured all necessary parties read and signed documents, improving compliance and reducing the risk of errors.
  • User Satisfaction: The company praised Evalu-8’s ease of use and found the platform to be a “superb product” that they would “totally recommend.”


Evalu-8 proved to be a game-changer for this mid-sized construction company, streamlining their H&S and HR document management processes and saving valuable time. The platform’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive features enabled the company to stay compliant and efficient, leading to an overall improvement in their operations.

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