Which HR software?

10 tips for choosing the right HR Software for your business

Choosing the right HR software for your business can be a very daunting task. It appears there are so many packages to choose from, so where do you start?

This blog provides ten things to consider when making a decision that best supports your needs, and yes, be warned, there is a shameless plug for Evalu-8 in the final paragraph or two.

1. Your needs

First and foremost you should consider what you need the HR software to do for you and your colleagues. Compile a wish list and do not compromise when selecting a provider.

2. Security

Sensitive data will need be accessed via the HR system, consider where the data will be hosted or stored and how it will be backed-up. Also consider permission levels for each employee to ensure they can only see data they need to.

3. Easy of use

Being introduced to a new HR system can be daunting for some employees, so look for a package that is intuitive, clean and easy to use – even for the least technologically minded employee. Think about using a SaaS package which is peppered with prompts and tips to help employees navigate the system, after all it is essential it works for them, so they use it.

4. Cloud or on-premise?

Cloud based HR software will provide access via multiple devices using an internet connection. The hosting is taken care of, meaning you benefit from regular updates and upgrades without the costs associated with the physical hardware required for storing software on your own premises.

5. Support

Consider the areas where you require support. Who will set everything up initially? How will key employees be trained on how to use the HR system? Who will roll it out across all employees? Once up and running. what kind of response will you receive to ongoing enquiries and will this be an additional cost to your business?

6. Price

Most HR software is priced per employee per month ranging from around £2 to around £6. Be aware of additional charges for things such as set-up, support, development, integration and a “modular” approach to the available features.

7. Development

Does your preferred supplier have a policy of ongoing development to ensure it is kept up to date with the latest advancements. Will you be charged for future development? What is on the roadmap for future development?

8. Functionality

Once you have identified the HR software that meets all of your requirements. Why not consider other features within the HR software that could save you time, effort, make cost savings, or add security to your business?

9. Commitment

Check if you will you be tied to a contract? Ask if you see a demonstration or even try the HR software before making any commitment?

10. Testimonials

Consider requesting a testimonial from a similar organisation to your own, either by size, industry or business need.

The Evalu-8 team truly value each and every one of our customers, regardless of size or industry. We love to hear ideas and suggestions that will support your business and improve our product, so in the unlikely event Evalu-8 cannot do something you require – ask us about our rapid development policy. We will build it for you. Evalu-8 comes will all features and not just selected modules or packages. A simple pricing structure (just £2 per month per employee) gives you access to all aspects of the system including new features as and when they are released.

Contact us to find out more, to arrange a demonstration or commence a free trial. We promise there will be no-hard sell and are confident Evalu-8 will meet your every need.

Let the software do the hard work for you.

Evalu-8 Team

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