Time is money

Running a successful sales team comes with many challenges that takes us so much time and makes the days pass so quickly.  Responding to the live calls, the customer queries, negotiating details of deals, often forces you, unwittingly, into a reactive role, which invariably leaves the non-urgent tasks in an incomplete state.

On top of that you have the intricacies of running and communicating with a team of people and are no doubt regularly faced with time-consuming questions such as:

  • What is my target this month?
  • How did I do last month?
  • How can I improve my performance?
  • How much commission did I earn last month?
  • How many calls have I made?
  • How much do I have left to hit my target?
  • How many days annual leave do I have remaining?
  • When is my next 1-2-1?
  • How do I compare to others?

All valid questions and surely it is a good thing the team is showing an interest in their performance and personal development.  However, preparing, monitoring, updating and sharing this information often comes at the detriment of taking pro-active action that could help sustain and grow sales, such as coaching and mentoring, quite possible the aspect of your role you most enjoy.

When you reflect and consider quite how much time you are spending answering questions such as those listed above it will not be insignificant, when you calculate this time in terms of money the cost is huge, and when you consider the cost verses, the return it is even more concerning.

Imagine a world where each of your team members can log on to a web based platform and see all of this information (and more) on a single dashboard.  Well, for customers of Evalu-8 that is the real world.  Contact us to view the demo and see for yourself how you can let the software do the hard work for you.

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