Three quarters of UK workers are unsure what skills are required to do their job

Three quarters of UK workers are unsure what skills are required to do their job

A recent study conducted by Opinion Matters, on behalf of the Open University, has shown 75% of UK workers do not know what skills their employer requires of them. In total 2,000 workers were polled.  It was also revealed 25% of workers did not know how they could upskill themselves at work.

Above all the results have prompted calls for employers to improve communication, learning and development investment. As well as information provided to employees regarding what is expected of them in their current and future roles.

In conclusion it is accepted employers are investing vast sums in an attempt to address the skills gaps, however it is felt more can be done to train and develop employees to support them in coping with the evolving requirements of their current or future roles.

The CIPD had their say

Responding to the findings, CIPD skills policy advisor Lizzie Crowley said: “The fact employees don’t know what skills they need points to the need for employers to get a lot better at communicating to their workforce what skills are required to enable them to progress within their current organisation.”

In October 2018, CIPD published research that found almost half of UK workers reported being mismatched to their roles. With 37 per cent over-skilled and 12 per cent under-skilled. Nearly a quarter (24%) of employees had not received any training in the last 12 months.

The worst affected were part time, older, self-employed or low-wage workers. The study also revealed line managers were often viewed as gatekeepers to development opportunities and considered not to have the time or experience to fulfil their roles effectively.

A separate study by the British Chamber of Commerce found businesses face significant and increasing difficulties in recruitment.  This spans across all sectors with a skills shortage exacerbated by a lack of applications from EU nationals. This only serves to strengthen the argument that businesses need to focus on the education and development of employees.

Evalu-8 can help

The evaluation feature within Evalu-8, a cloud-based employee management tool, will objectively assess an employee’s skill level within a particular role.  This will remove the ambiguity as to what skills are  expected.

A traffic light-based report then pinpoints the precise areas of strength and weakness. This will enable the manager to deliver coaching or training in the specific areas they are required. Above all Evalu-8 will inform the employee of exactly what skills, knowledge and behaviours are expected in their role.  In addition it will highlight how employees stand against this criteria. And how they compare to their colleagues that are doing the same job.

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