The impact of coaching

The ability to help others find ways of improving their performance and sharing your experience are no doubt among the key reasons you love your job!  The satisfaction you receive when one of your team members improve their performance as a direct result of an interaction with you.

Despite your best intentions finding the time to deliver coaching can be difficult, so, why is coaching and mentoring so important?

Benefits of coaching for the company include:

  • Strengthen employee skill set and improve individual performance.
  • Improve productivity by helping employees work smarter.
  • Increase retention as employees become more loyal and motivated when their employer takes the time to improve their skills.
  • Coaching costs less than formal training.
  • Coaching increases employee engagement.
  • Coaching demonstrates commitment to develop employees.

From the employee’s perspective:

  • They feel more confident in handling whatever comes their way.
  • They build valuable knowledge and skills that can help advance their careers.
  • Can solve difficult problems and find solutions to day to day challenges they are faced with in their role.
  • They feel supported and encouraged.
  • They feel a sense of pride when they use new skills to achieve their goals.
  • They feel empowered to take responsibility.

Sales managers should not underestimate the impact coaching their team frequently will have on their performance.  It is widely acknowledged that engaged, knowledgeable and self -confident individuals perform higher in their roles than those that lack motivation.

80% of employees that receive coaching report a 70% increase in performance and confidence.  In addition to this  86% of companies report they at least re-coupe their Investment on coaching – a true win-win if ever there was one.

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