Staff Rota’s – Good practice guidelines

After the launch of our new staff rota feature we thought we would share with you, the good practice guidelines for shift design from the Health and Safety Executive, so here it is:

Applying, where reasonably practicable, good practice guidelines will help reduce the risks that workers are exposed to by shift working:

  • Plan an appropriate and varied workload.
  • Offer a choice of permanent or rotating shifts and try to avoid permanent night shifts.
  • Rotate shifts every two to three days or every three to four weeks, otherwise adopt forward rotating shifts.
  • Avoid early morning starts and try to fit shift times in with availability of public transport.
  • Limit shifts to 12 hours including overtime, or up to eight hours for night shifts and/or where the work is demanding, monotonous, dangerous and/or safety critical.
  • Encourage workers to take regular breaks and allow some choice as to when they are taken.
  • Consider the needs of vulnerable workers, such as young or ageing workers and new or expectant mothers.
  • Limit consecutive workdays to a maximum of five to seven days and restrict long shifts, night shifts and early morning shifts to two to three consecutive shifts.
  • Allow two nights full sleep when switching from day to night shifts and vice versa.
  • Build regular free weekends into the shift schedule.


We hope we found that useful? The shift rota feature allows you to design shifts and publish them to your employees. Should there be a shift they can not attend they can inform you via Evalu-8.  Likewise if you have any open shifts up for grabs, employees can request to claim those, and you will receive a notification.

Whilst the shift rota has been designed with simplicity and ease of use  in mind, should you require and guidance or support our friendly team are waiting to help.

Let the software do the hard work for you.

Evalu-8 Admin

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