Government concerned over lack of awareness of holiday entitlement

Holiday spirit

UK Government concerned over lack of awareness of holiday entitlement

In response to the Taylor Review of workers’ rights, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). Has released new guidelines to help employers and employees calculate holiday pay.  They insist the responsibility to pay correctly and raise awareness over entitlement falls on the employer.

The employers responsibility

A BEIS spokesperson said: “We want to see more businesses getting holiday pay right for their workers, helping to maintain a fair working environment for all. The onus is on you, as a responsible employer, to check your workers are receiving the correct amount.”   In addition a BEIS poll highlights 81% of employees felt productive, happy and refreshed after taking a paid holiday. Providing every reason to ensure employees receive what they are entitled to, but it seems confusion is still abundant.

A survey by Kantar to 2,000 employees shows 50% of participants thought employees on zero-hours contract were not entitled to holiday pay. Alarmingly 52% thought they had to work for three months before being entitled to holiday pay. In addition  the “Unpaid Britain” report (2017). Found 1.8m employees did not receive the minimum holiday pay they were entitled to.

Time out

In conclusion, legally, each hour worked accrues an entitlement to paid holiday. With the majority of employees entitled to 5.6 weeks off, paid, per year. Therefore Zero-hours contracts, agency workers and irregular hour contracts are included in this.

Evalu-8 will help

Evalu-8’s self-service holiday feature incorporates a holiday calculator based on the employees working patterns and working hours.  This includes casual workers.  Above all the employee’s individual dashboard provides a summary of holiday entitlement, days taken and remaining.  Evalu-8 enables you to control every aspect of employee’s holidays. This includes whether the holiday request requires authorisation, who can authorise them and restrictions around how many employees from a particular team, site, department or role can be off at any given time.

Let the software do the hard work for you.


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