Training Features

Save time

Find all training related information within seconds, on any device, at any time, from anywhere.

Reduce effort

All employee training files and data stored in one place and at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Save money

Identify the specific areas each individual requires training, coaching or mentoring and focus only on those.

Add security

Check what training has been received by each employee and never let it expire with the reminders function.

Training information stored in one easy to access place

Everything you need relating to employee training at your fingertips

Quickly see who has completed training, whether it has expired or will expire soon with this easy to use, highly visual and informative traffic light based gaps analysis.

Store all employee training information in one, easy to access place. Record all qualifications, courses attended, results, expiry dates, costs, training provider details, for a full audit trail of both internal and external training.

Identify which employees are trained in which areas within seconds using the matrix report. See if any training is coming up for renewal, look at associated costs, training providers and qualifications.


When an evaluation form has been completed it translates to a report that identifies areas of strength and weakness using an easy to interpret and highly visible traffic light-based system. Objectively identify the area’s most in need of coaching, mentoring or training and watch the employee turn in to a high performing individual as you deliver what is needed and relevant to help them succeed.

Have the security of knowing you will be reminded before training expiry dates come around. Set who should receive reminders and how long in advance they should be received

Upload certificates and any associated documentation and files to the employee training record, for easy access from any device, at any time.

Employees can objectively assess their own performance. 360 degree feedback – Get all stakeholders involved


Understand what worked and what didn’t in your coaching sessions.

Unlimited storage space of all documents, of any type.

Plus much more…

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