Human Resources Features

Save time

Free up valuable time spent dealing with complex internal HR procedures and paperwork. Employees can access their own information effortlessly and can therefore answer many questions themselves.

Reduce effort

Reduce the work involved in human resources administration and manual processes with a variety of self-service features and benefit from instant access to information.

Save money

Gain in efficiency and productivity by reducing administration, eliminating manual processes and the use of spreadsheets. Also, have you seen our price? WOW!

Add security

Restrict access to sensitive information to only those that need it. Data is stored securely in the cloud, is GDPR compliant and backed up for disaster recovery purposes. 

We have all your human resources needs covered…

Check out some of the features below to see how Evalu-8 will support you and your colleagues – click to expand and learn more…

Save hours of time with the leave/holiday booking tool. Employees can log on to the portal or use the mobile app to see how many days/hours leave they have remaining and then request time off. Approval requests are sent to managers who can easily see who else is off at that time. Automatic restrictions can be set by team, role, department or site. Multi-level approval, length of service accrual, TOIL, term time only, hours or days, bulk booking and of course pro-rating for part time employees are all covered in this comprehensive feature.

Reduce the effort involved in searching for employee related information with this virtual filing cabinet. The personnel files section within Evalu-8 stores everything in one place so it is easily accessible on any device, at any time and from anywhere. The files are tabular to help keep things easy to find. They can also be disabled or made read-only to ensure employees can only see or do precisely what they need according to their role.

Generate letters or documents using the letter generation tool and distribute it to the relevant employee(s) within seconds. Upload, distribute and store any kind of document (including videos and audio recordings) securely. Request that employees declare they have read and understood, and/or sign the documents you share with them. Report on who has read and signed documents, categorise them to make them easy to find and send all relevant documents to new employees with just one mouse click.


Information at your fingertips with a multitude of company-wide, team, departmental and individual planners and calendars. See who is off and when, with great visual tools. Control the level of detail that is displayed for each leave and sickness type, or whether the absence type should appear on the calendars/planners at all. Synchronise with external programs and apps.

Security is crucial when it comes to employee data and information, that is why we have made it easy for you to control who can see or do everything and anything, helping you to comply with GDPR regulations. There are absolutely no restrictions on how many user groups or permission levels you can have, and no cost implications, ensuring Evalu-8 will tailor to your organisation’s individual needs.

Save a huge amount of administration time and effort by allowing employees to log in and edit or upload the information you need them to. Each change is tracked so you will never miss an important update. Employees can log in via any device, at any time and see useful information, request annual leave and clock in or out of work.

All the information you need, at a glance. When you log in to Evalu-8 you are presented with a dashboard which contains widgets. The widgets are either sources of useful information, or functions that you may wish to use frequently. The dashboards can be customised, controlled and configured to each employees’ requirements and preferences.


Save time and effort with the automatically generated payroll report which can either be exported to CSV, ready to upload to your payroll software or sent to your outsource payroll provider. Or it can be linked directly to your payroll software using API. Control the information you wish to appear on the report and filter by date range, employee, team, role, department or site as required.

Make it easy for employees to see the company overview

No more manual calculations for part time or casual employees, starters or leavers

Ensure regulatory compliance with useful reports

Employees can set their mood and trigger an alert to designated people

Select whether employees or managers can view the “note on file”

See which employees have been provided with items that belong to the company

Create pre-employment profiles, send and track documents

Hosted securely in the EU

Two factor verification to log in and advanced settings

Plus much more…

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