Company Tools Features

Save time

Find the information you need within seconds of logging in.

Reduce effort

Everything you and your colleagues need in one easy to use tool.

Save money

Evalu-8 is so comprehensive it negates the need for other software systems.

Add security

All company information is stored securely and is fully GDPR compliant.

Lots of features to support your business

Check out the features below to see how Evalu-8 productivity enhancing software will support your business with some unique tools

Save time and effort with the automatically generated payroll report which can either be exported to CSV, ready to upload to your payroll software or sent to your outsource payroll provider. Or it can be linked directly to your payroll software using API. Control the information you wish to appear on the report and filter by date range, employee, team, role, department or site as required.

Employees can claim both purchase expenses and mileage expenses within seconds. Use purchase codes and references, upload a receipt and send. Approvers can view a comprehensive report, approve the expense, mark it as paid and then reconciled and add it to the payroll report. Employees will be notified each step of the way

A great tool to help put a face to a name, the organisation tool is automatically generated in accordance to the reporting lines selected and also acts as an internal directory. Zoom in and out, expand or contract teams and click to see the work contact details.


Evalu-8 comes with a significant number of pre-set reports providing you and your colleagues with up to date information. In addition, you can build your own report using any field within the system and choose to display information the way you want to see it. Add conditions and permission rules to ensure you remain GDPR compliant.

Dashboard widgets provide useful information instantly such as who is off today and milestones such as upcoming work anniversaries and employee birthdays.

Create workspaces such as offices or meeting rooms, enter the overall capacity and if required, the reduced capacity to limit the number of employees within that space. Then invite employees to book a desk or seat, or place in that area or make it free for employees to self-book until capacity is reached.

Record visitors and create printable name badges. Track who is on site at any given time. Keep a historical record of who has visited your premises and when.


Create a project, state whether its based on a budget, time, fixed fee or non-billable. Create tasks associated with the project and allow employees to record time spent on each task, and subsequently the project. Report on projects, specific tasks or by employee to see how much time and money has been spent/generated on each project..

Why go looking for information when you can have information come to you?  Never miss an important date or event or employee activity.

Never forget to complete a task,. See who is in and who is not at a glance

The ability to create, upload, distribute and store will enable your business to go completely paperless

Want to connect aspects of Evalu-8 to existing systems? No problem.

Reserve a seat, block seats out to enable social distancing.

Shared calendar for company events – never miss an important date. Whether it is a health and safety event, compliance, insurance, inspection, audits or even parties. Create the event types in the settings area and use the company calendar in the company

Plus much more…

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