Communication Features

Save time

Communicate with employees individually, by team, role, department and site within seconds.

Reduce effort

Easily send messages or documents and update reports and dashboard widgets.

Save money

Evalu-8 is so comprehensive it negates the need for other communication tools.

Add security

All messages are stored securely and are fully GDPR compliant.

We make it easy for you to communicate with your employees

Check out some of the features below to see how Evalu-8 will help you keep stakeholders informed and up to date

Create messages and distribute them by employee, team, role or site making communication easy. Set reminders or meeting dates and times and create to-do lists making Evalu-8 the go to place for everything

Share unmissable messages, shout outs and company announcements upon log in.

All the information you need, at a glance. When you log in to Evalu-8 you are presented with a dashboard which contains widgets. The widgets are either sources of useful information, or functions that you may wish to use frequently. The dashboards can be customised, controlled and configured to each employee’s requirements and preferences.

All graphs charts, widgets and reports are updated in real time, keeping all stakeholders fully up to date with information that is easy to access at any time, from anywhere and on any device.

A great tool to help put a face to a name, the organisation tool is automatically generated in accordance to the reporting lines selected and also acts as an internal directory. Zoom in and out, expand or contract teams and click to see the work contact details.

To ensure you do not miss a significant event

Plus much more…

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