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8 disadvantages of using spreadsheets to manage teamsunhappy manager with spreadsheets

We all love a good spreadsheet right?  They are multi-functional, easy to set up, cost effective and come with oodles of help and support.  However, when it comes to sharing the information with stakeholders, keeping them updated and working collaboratively, they are not without their fair share of issues.  Let’s take a look at eight frustrating reasons why it may be time for an upgrade when it comes to employee performance and management data.


Are you in the spreadsheet?

There is always that one person who fails to close the communal spreadsheet after updating it, meaning you can never get in when you want to, until you have tracked them down.  This is never more frustrating than when you have already made your changes and are forced to “save another copy”.


I forgot to save it!

You open a spreadsheet and notice something is not quite right.  Upon closer inspection you realise your previous entries have disappeared – did you actually save them?  Did the system crash on me? Did I use an alternative version?

Unhappy manager still using spreadsheets
Do you know how to write this sum?

Let’s be honest, most people know how to produce simple sums using a spreadsheet and when it comes to the more complicated formulas there is usually an Excel wizard close by, but they never seem that happy to help do they? Especially when it’s the tenth time you have asked them!


Did you change the formula?

It was working last time I used it!  I haven’t been in the spreadsheet today! That moment you realise something is no longer adding up properly and you don’t know where to start looking and you wonder if you have reported inaccurate figures to your colleagues.


What is the password?

When trying to add a layer of security to the workbooks, it can lead to a minefield of issues.  Have you protected the entire document or just one sheet?  Have you remembered to put the password on? How do you distribute the password to others securely? What if you forget to put the password on? It seems to perform a simple task you are required to enter the password multiple times.


Which version shall I use, where did you save it?

Locating the file in the first place can be a challenge, and when you do – which one do you choose if there are multiple versions?


I can’t open it on my phone?

Sharing information contained in spreadsheets across multiple devices and platforms is at best cumbersome; even if it opens on a smartphone it can be too small to read and almost impossible to edit and save.


It’s becoming unmanageable!

Multiple work sheets, linked sums, what if formulas, new weeks months and years – it’s so easy to create a monster, which of course is likely to lead to human error.


If this sounds familiar then perhaps it is time to consider an alternative to using spreadsheets especially if you are currently using them to:

  • Evaluate employee competence
  • Identify training needs
  • Measure performance against target
  • Produce reports
  • Calculate commissions or bonus
  • Record absences
  • Manage holidays
  • Manage personnel files
  • Share information with your team& other stakeholders


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Ditch the spreadsheet


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