8 ways Evalu-8 supports a team manager

8 ways Evalu-8 supports a sales manager

Coaching sales people

It is widely suggested a sales leader should spend 50% of their time measuring sales performance, coaching sales people and providing feedback to their team.

Coaching sales people can increase sales productivity by a massive 88%.

However most sales managers spend less than 5% of their time coaching sales people.

So why is something that can be so effective, so often overlooked?  47% of sales managers say it is because they do not actually know how to coach salespeopl whilst 26% day they simply do not have the time.

Evalu-8 is a tool designed by sales leaders and sales trainers to support managers, taking the pain away and helping to build a high performing team, there are many features designed to save time, effort and money as well as add a layer of security to your business, here are just 8 of them.

1) Call monitoring forms

The easy to use call monitoring forms require just a click in the box next to the skills, behaviour or knowledge set in your criteria enabling you to focus on the observation itself.  Enter comments and upload supporting documents or call recordings, to attach to the feedback form, which can be emailed to the sales agent but is also stored in their file.

2) Templates

Call monitoring templates have been provided for you, so you do not have to be an expert in sales coaching.  The templates are fully customisable, so you can add, edit or delete every aspect, ensuring they match your business needs.  Users with admin permissions can easily create your own call monitoring forms in the evaluation builder section.  Pre-set templates include: induction checklist, probation review, general performance review, account management, new business sales, data profiling, customer service, training feedback form, self-appraisal, peer appraisal.

3) Identify training needs

Once you have completed a performance evaluation using the call monitoring forms, the easy to use traffic light report will highlight areas of strength and weakness, pinpointing exactly where you should focus your feedback and coaching, enabling you to have the most positive impact on performance.  You control what represents red, amber and green performance by setting the % thresholds to suit your business.

4) Dashboard

Your interactive reporting dashboard highlights the overall team performance and allows you to drill down and identify the high achievers, steady performers and those performing below your expectations.  Evalu-8 is an objective sales management tool and as such will ensure feedback is motivated by the desire to improve performance and focus on indisputable facts.

5) Team management

The team management area allows you to add employees, assign them to teams, set team and individual targets and KPI’s.  The reporting suite contains a collection of graphs, charts and tables that display your sales team’s performance.  All reports use the traffic light based system making it easy to understand performance at a glance.

6) 360 degree feedback

Evalu-8 feature self-appraisal, manager appraisal and peer appraisal making it the ideal 360 degree feedback tool.  Self-appraisal creates self-awareness and salespeople will often recognise where they have performed well and where they have underperformed without your intervention; whilst peer performance provide a balanced review of skills, knowledge and behaviours, providing an insight into how they are perceived by others.

7) Keeping the team informed

Each sales agent is provided with their own login to Evalu-8.  This allows them access to their own performance reviews and a dashboard that displays graphs depicting performance against target and if set, their future targets.  Evalu-8 is a web based tool enabling sales people to access their dashboard from their own device in their own time, saving the business feedback preparation time and ensuring sales people are always aware of how they are performing.  Evalu-8 will even calculate sales commission or bonus for you to share with the team.

8) Performance Audit trail

As a fully objective system, Evalu-8 provides a full audit trail of performance, ensuring all sales people are treated fairly and  equally.  It can ensure they are completely aware of and able to leverage areas of strengths as well as uncovering development areas.  As with any objective feedback, emotions are kept separate allowing feedback to be kept factual.

Previous feedback and current performance are easily accessed and there is an optional graph available that compares their performance to their colleagues.

To see these features in action why not start your free trial?  There is no obligation, no payment details required, no-auto continuation.  In fact Evalu-8 will never ask you to enter a contract, if you are not entirely satisfied you are free to walk away.  What do you have to lose?  Let the software do the hard work for you…


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