Lets get rid of spreadsheets #replacespreadsheets

Sales Managers

Are you using spreadsheets to measure the performance of your team?

Why not switch to a cloud based solution?

If you are using spreadsheets to:

  • Monitor calls
  • Analyse performance against target
  • Compare performance of your team members
  • Establish trends
  • Measure KPIs
  • Manage performance review
  • Create meaningful reports
  • Calculate performance and commission

Then you are potentially hindering your organisation’s ability to grow because spreadsheets are notoriously inefficient and prone to errors, for instance if there is an error in a formula.  There is also a limit to what the spreadsheet can do for your organisation.

Evalu-8 is a powerful cloud based solution, which can measure qualitative and quantitative data.  Dashboard access provides you with the ability to view real time data and statistics anytime and produce meaningful sales reports for other managers in your organisation.  Evalu-8 will optimise the way you gather, analyse and report your sales data: highlighting strengths as well as weaknesses, allowing you to make informed decisions about your business.

By replacing you spreadsheets with evalu-8, you will be able to work smarter and will easily be able to pinpoint areas that your team may need to work on and by replacing your spreadsheets with Evalu-8 you will now have more time to spend coaching your staff.

Reports have shown that if you spend the time coaching the middle 60% of your sales staff, i.e. not the top performers and not the bottom, then you can improve performance by up to 8%, which can in turn boost turnover by up to 25%.

Let the software do the work for you – request your demo now.

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