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Build a high performing sales team with Evalu-8

There are many skills required to make a good sales person. It is a profession that requires continuous development. Sales managers know that products evolve, customers evolve and sales techniques evolve.

We employ people that have mortgages or rent to pay, children to keep and other bills. With all those responsibilities, sales people are forced to demand a good basic salary and commission, so how can you justify removing them from a revenue generating position of being on the telephone or out visiting clients and prospects to deliver additional training? They are the experts, that’s what you are paying for, besides if they do not hit target often enough we consider them broken and will find a suitable replacement.

Bringing in training consultants can be an expensive mistake if we fail to select the right one for our business. Sales managers seldom have the time or in some cases the skills set to deliver the training themselves, even if you can justify the revenue generating downtime.

This is the scene across many sales teams all over the world – but it does not have to be that way. Employee evaluation tool Evalu-8 provides a solution to this problem. By observing sales people, listening to their calls, you simply tick a box in the area they demonstrate that skill to build their score; the un-ticked boxes reduce the percentage score and therefore determine where the sales performance needs to improve and produce a high performing sales team.

Using a simple traffic light system you can see at a glance where there is work to be done, is it listening skills, questioning, handling objections or closing? Wherever the area of under performance is, it will be easy to identify, allowing you to focus your coaching on that specific area.

The sales person may not be broken; they may just need a tune up in a certain area. Chances are they will know where they are going wrong and what they need to do to fix it once the area of under performance has been highlighted.

When you turn the red scores to amber and the amber to green you will have a highly efficient sales person once again, and it need only take a few minutes once a week or once a month to ensure consistent high performing sales team.high performing sales team

See how your sales people view their own performance with the self-evaluation feature. Chances are the employee will recognise where under performance occurs and identify the areas they need to improve without your intervention.

Evalu-8 lets you record KPI’s and their targets too so you can see the direct link between under performing sales areas and the impact it has on the results. For example, poor quality calls will eventually lead to poor returns, the reverse is also true.

Through the reporting dashboard you can compare sales people and see how your sales team is performing overall, drilling down on specific areas and specific sales people bringing results down.

Feedback and training notes can be recorded within the evaluation form, providing you with a full, completely objective audit trail, showing the training needs identified, training provided and the performance since training or coaching was provided.

Check out the product tour video on the homepage https://evalu-8.com and arrange your. Let the software do the work for you.

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