Evalu-8 Features

Evalu-8 is packed full of features

There are so many features it is hard to fit them all on one page, so please contact us to arrange a demonstration and see Evalu-8 in action. Click on a feature below to learn more more or view the videos at the bottom of the page. Our team are on hand via telephone, chat or through the contact us field to answer any specific questions you may have and they would liove to hear from you.

Self-service holiday booking

Employees can log in and book or request a holiday.

Time sheets

View hours worked including over or under time in a time sheet and export to CSV to send to your payroll department.

Fully customisable competency framework templates

Use the tempalates provided by leading industry experts, copy them, edit them or easily create your own using the “evaluation builder”.

Set team or individual KPI's and targets

Set team or individual targets by day, by week or by month and enter the resullts as they happen to keep team members informed.

API enabled

Enables you to integrate with your existing software and hardware.

Electronic personnel files

Everything you could possibly need to know about your employees all stored in one easy to access place, fully GDPR compliant.

Reports dashboard

Quickly identify who is performing well and who could do with a little extra coaching (and precisely where it is required) using your dashboard.

Monitor qualitative and quantitative performance

Analyse the impact job competence has on performance.

Full HR Suite

Everything you need to manage personnel is included in the HR suite from storing details, documents and training records.

Simple traffic light system

Set the red, amber and green thresholds to suit your business and use the traffic light based reports to quickly pinpoint areas of strength and weakness.

Training needs analysis

Identify employees areas of strength and weakness, establish which precise area an individual needs to improve.

360 degree feedback

Employees can self assess, assess their peers and assess managers making evalu-8 the perfect tool for 360 degree feedback.  Employees can also provide feedback on training they have recieved.

Fully bespoke system

Every aspect of evalu-8 can be edited, added to and customised to suit your business – right down to having your own company your logo.  Send feedback and upload documents and audio or video files to the evaluation forms.

Commission and bonus calculator

Not only is Evalu-8 equipped to calculate the most complicated commission structures but it will also keep your team members informed in real time.

Project logging

You can “clock-in and out” of projects using Evalu-8 and report on how long has been spent on a specific project by a specific employee.

Individual dashboards

Each employee has their own log in which takes them to their dashboard.  On which they can see a variety of real time information regarding their performance, attendance, commissions/bonus and more.

Holiday and absence management

Employees can request to book a holiday via Evalu-8, an email and Evalu-8 notification will be sent to their manager for approval Once approved the team member will be notified and the remaining allocation adjusted.  Similarly managers can record other absences.

Document sharing

Send a document to an employee or group of employees and see if it has been read and signed for.

Clocking in and out

Use Evalu-8’s clocking in/out system to produce accurate time sheets.  Evalu-8 can be set t notify the manager of any late clock ins.

Individual employee log in

Every employee can log on and view their own performance and feedback from their manager on their dashboard.  They can see previous evaluation forms and future targets keeping them fully informed on their performance.

Shift rosters

Design and publish shift rosters/rotas.


Evalu-8 is hosted on arguably the most secure servers in the World (Amazon), the data is encrypted and backed up on multiple servers in multiple locations.

Objectively compare employees performance

Report on employees that are performing the same tasks and compare.

Fully objective feedback tool

Pre define expected skills, knowledge or behaviours and targets.  Either they are met or they are not making Evalu-8 fully objective and providing an audit trail to support performance management.

The Bradford Factor

Absence is recorded, measured and reported using the Bradford Factor system.  The thresholds of which can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Send messages and set reminders

Send messages to your team members and set reminders, never miss another feedback session or appraisal.

Shared absence/attendance calander

See who is in and who is out and why with the shared holiday calendar.

Web based application

Evalu-8 is a web tool and as such can be used on any device, anywhere, any time.

More than just performance evaluation

Editable templates are provided for inductions, probation reviews and general performance reviews.  You can use the “evaluation builder” to create anything you like.

Organisational chart and directory

Search for employees using the organisation chart which incorporates an internal directory.

Compare performance

Compare employees and teams using the reports provided enabling you to provide fully objective feedback based on what is being achieved elsewhere in the business.

Demonstration or free trial

The best feature of all is the demonstration or free trial,  have a good look at the system with absolutely no obligation.  We don’t hard sell, you have access all areas to see if Evalu-8 is right for your business.  All we ask is for a little feedback if it does not quite hit the spot.

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