Employee Evaluation – Its Finally Here!

At last, it is here!

Well, it has been a few years in the making but you know what they say, all good things come to those who wait, the waiting is now over, THE employee evaluation software is now here.

Evalu-8 is an employee evaluation tool written by two extremely talented individuals and has been designed to change the world! Well, the world of employee evaluation at least.

employee evaluationAnd what a world it is – we all understand the importance of assessing employees and providing feedback but too often in today’s ultra-busty working environment line managers pop it on the “to do list” and it is seldom revisited. At Evalu-8 we know this, we have walked in those shoes and so the idea of creating a simple, easy to use evaluation tool that can be used by any profession in any industry was born.

Using the review templates provided you can be set up and evaluating employees within minutes. All templates are fully customisable; you can edit them, add to them or create your own. Evaluation forms can contain a many or as few skills/competencies to assess, as you require and will automatically adapt to provide a percentage score in each area, which is depicted in a simple traffic light based reporting suite.
employee performance
We will stop short of saying Evalu-8 has made performance reviews fun but our aim was certainly to take the pain away and after years of testing and developing we are confident this has been achieved. Why not request a demonstration and give us your feedback?

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