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Mission in action

With the release of our new employee assessment software – Evalu-8 we have been thinking about whether we should have a mission statement and if so, what should it be?
We thought about the reason why we embarked on the pain staking process of creating employee assessment software in the first place?

We thought about who would conduct performance reviews and what would they want?

Evalu-8 has been years in the making, partly because we kept thinking of ways to improve the system and partly because everyone we spoke to about the software said “wouldn’t it be great if it could do this” or “we can use it in my company if it could do that”.

We spoke to many people from a variety of professions across a number of industries about what they want from an employee evaluation tool.

Unanimously the answer was “for it to be customisable for my business and easy to use”.

Alas, there we have our mission statement; “Making employee evaluation easy”

See for yourself just how customisable and easy it is by requesting a demo.
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